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2021 Alfred the Great £5 Gold Proof

Alfred the Great 2021 UK £5 Gold Proof Coin
(VAT Exempt)
2021 marks 1,150 years since the coronation of Alfred the Great. Celebrate the achievements of this remarkable early English monarch with the Royal Mint’s commemorative Alfred the Great 2021 UK £5 Gold Proof Coin. Limited to just 160 pieces, this coin, crafted by veteran designer John Bergdahl is inspired by the Alfred Jewel. Finest gold proof quality, delivered free in original packaging with numbered certificate of authenticity. VAT and Capital Gains Tax free.
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Celebrate 1,150 years since the coronation of legendary Anglo-Saxon King, Alfred the Great with this beautifully designed Royal Mint commemorative UK £5 Gold Proof Coin.

Alfred the Great

Alfred became King of Wessex in 871 while his kingdom was threatened by marauding Vikings. 1,150 years later, we remember Alfred for his success in pushing back his Danish rivals, becoming the dominant ruler among the small kingdoms that dominated the British Isles in the ninth century.

It’s not just for his dominance on the battlefield that Alfred – alone of all the English monarchs – is called ‘the Great’. Alfred is also renowned for his peace efforts, legal improvements, support for learning, and military reorganisation, as well as his reputation for piety and fairness. Here at the Britannia Coin Company we’re also big fans of Alfred for his coinage reform.

Veteran British Designer

The reverse design of the Alfred the Great 2021 UK £5 Gold Proof Coin is the work of John Bergdahl: the artist behind a number of recent Royal Mint commemorative issues, including coins for royal events and historic anniversaries. Bergdahl’s design for the Alfred the Great 2021 UK £5 Gold Proof Coin bears some similarities to his 2015 Magna Carta £2 and the 2016 Battle of Hastings 50p, taking inspiration from prized medieval artworks.

The Alfred Jewel

Bergdahl based his design on the renown Alfred Jewel, the star of the Ashmolean Museum’s collection. Found in a field in Somerset in 1693, the jewel is the masterpiece of early medieval goldsmithing, crafted around a vividly coloured piece of enamel work. It is thought that the treasure was originally the handle of a pointer stick, used for following words when reading a book.

It’s the design on the enamel part of this creation that is replicated on the reverse of the Alfred the Great 2021 UK £5 Gold Proof Coin. In this instantly recognisable motif a man, thought to represent Christ, holds two ecclesiastical implements in his raised hands. The stylised figure is beautifully rendered in the central roundel of John Bergdahl’s design.

The outer circle of the reverse design, separated from the inner by a beaded outline, bears the inscription ‘ALFRED THE GREAT · 871 · 2021’, clearly connecting the design to the King. The legend is presented in stylised lettering, copied from original medieval documents.

Alfred Ordered Me To Be Made

The Alfred the Great 2021 UK £5 Gold Proof Coin bears an edge inscription in Old English: the language spoken in England from the mid-fifth century through to the Norman Conquest. This inscription, ‘AELFRED MEC HEHT GEWYRCAN’ means ‘Alfred ordered me to be made’ and also appears on the Alfred Jewel. It’s these words that unambiguously connect the jewel to the legendary Anglo-Saxon King, Alfred the Great. On the jewel, the words appear in openwork gold and form the fixture that attaches the rock crystal to the base.

The medieval-inspired reverse is paired with a modern coinage portrait of Elizabeth II, introduced to British money in 2015. This effigy of Her Majesty is the work of Jody Clark, a Royal Mint engraver.

Limited Edition Presentation

As well as appearing on the Alfred the Great 2021 UK £5 Gold Proof Coin, John Bergdahl’s reverse is also available on Brilliant Uncirculated, Silver Proof and Silver Proof Piedfort editions. The Gold Proof Alfred the Great 2021 UK £5 is the most limited of the collection with just 160 available in this presentation.

Your Alfred the Great 2021 UK £5 Gold Proof Coin comes in its original Royal Mint packaging which includes a premium presentation box in which the untouched, encapsulated coin is positioned. Also provided with your coin is an illustrated commemorative booklet and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Invest in Commemorative Coins

While we don’t often find £5 coins in our change, they are legal tender in the UK. That means that the Alfred the Great 2021 UK £5 Gold Proof Coin is exempt from Capital Gains Tax. The Alfred the Great 2021 UK £5 Gold Proof Coin’s 22-carat gold composition also means that it is VAT free as its legal counted as investment gold in the UK.

We’ve seen great demand for Royal Mint commemorative five-pound coins, particularly these gold proof editions. Between the masterfully rendered design and the unusual choice of subject in Alfred the Great – well known among coin collectors – we predict that this one will get snapped up quickly.


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