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2022 Five Coin Gold Proof Sovereign Set Royal Arms Reverse

2022 Five Coin Gold Proof Sovereign Set Royal Arms Reverse
(VAT Exempt)
Register now and be the first to get your hands on the 2022 Five Coin Sovereign Set. These limited edition presentation sets are not available yet but will contain the Quadruple Sovereign (Five Pound), Double Sovereign (Two Pound), a full Sovereign, a Half Sovereign and a Quarter Sovereign, all dated 2022. Coins in the 2022 Sovereign family are tipped to feature a unique reverse inspired by the Royal Coat of Arms to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We don’t know quite what the design will look like but we’ve mocked up our best guess. It’s been a little while since Benedetto Pistrucci’s Saint George has been displaced from the Sovereign reverse so we’re very excited to see what The Royal Mint has come up with. Want more information? Simply click ‘TRACK PRODUCT’ below, create an account if you don’t have one yet, and we will send you an email as soon as the 2022 Five Coin Set is ready to ship.
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A Royal Arms Reverse?

Recent proclamations published in The London Gazette suggest that coins in the 2022 Sovereign family will not feature Benedetto Pistrucci’s Saint George and the Dragon design. Instead, the announcements indicate that the Royal Coat of Arms will appear on the reverse. The notice says the coin will show:

'… a depiction of our Royal Coat of Arms and the date of the year.'

The Royal Arms are the official coat of arms of the sitting monarch: a potent heraldic design, used both by the royal family and the British government. It’s composed of a central shield, a motto, crest and supporters and acts as a powerful symbol of national history and identity.

We’re not exactly sure how the Coat of Arms will be rendered at this stage but plenty of historic coins include a variation on the arms or at least the central shield. We’ve put together a mock up with our best guess but why not have a look at our blog on the subject for more information and ideas?

2022 Sovereign Set Specifications

The 2022 Gold Proof Three Coin Sovereign set will include the following pieces:

  • The 2022 Quintuple Sovereign or Five Pound piece - the largest coin in the 2022 Sovereign family: 39.94 grams of 22 carat gold
  • The 2022 Double Sovereign or Two Pound - twice the weight of a full Sovereign at 15.98 grams
  • The 2022 Gold Proof Sovereign - a full Sovereign crafted from 7.98 grams of gold (that’s an actual gold weight of 0.23535 troy ounces)
  • The 2022 Gold Proof Half Sovereign - 3.99 grams of gold and also available individually via the link
  • The 2022 Gold Proof Quarter Sovereign - the smallest coin in the 2022 Sovereign collection weighing in at just 2.00 grams

While the reverse of these 2022 Sovereigns will be different from previous issues, we know that the obverse will feature Jody Clark’s portrait of Her Majesty the Queen. This will be accompanied by a standard inscription: ‘ELIZABETH II ∙ DEI ∙ GRA · REGINA ∙ FID ∙ DEF ·’.

Whatever the design is for the reverse of the 2022 Sovereign family, it will likely be scaled for use on all the coins in this three coin set, including the full Sovereign, Half Sovereign and the Quarter Sovereign. 

2022 Sovereign Set Availability 

Proof Sovereign sets are always released in limited numbers but we’re betting that very few will be offered for 2022. In 2012 - the last time that the reverse design was substantially altered - only 999 limited edition five coin sets were offered. Evern fewer were offered last year with only 500 2021 Five Coin Gold Proof Sovereign Sets available.

New Sovereigns and Sovereign sets are generally released in late September or early October so we’re anticipating an announcement from The Royal Mint any day now. We know that these coins typically sell out fast on the Mint’s website and - as we’re anticipating a limited mintage - our advice is to act fast to secure yours.

If you’re interested in coins from the 2022 Sovereign family presented individually then you can register your interest by using the links on this page. Click ‘TRACK PRODUCT’ and we’ll send you an email when we have these fascinating new sets in stock and ready to ship.

Find Out More

We’ve outlined all we know about the 2022 Sovereign family in a new blog post: 2022 Gold Sovereign: A New Royal Arms Reverse? We’ll be updating that page as we get more information. Click through to find out more about previous Sovereigns with alternate reverses and other coins featuring the Royal Arms.

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