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2012 Queen Elizabeth II Gold Proof Full Sovereign Diamond Jubilee

2012 Elizabeth II Gold Proof Sovereign Diamond Jubilee Boxed

Buy a 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Gold Proof Full Sovereign Diamond Jubilee

(VAT Exempt)
If you are looking to complete a Commemorative Full Sovereign collection, then you need look no further. Offered by the Britannia Coin Company with free, insured delivery, and presented in its original Royal Mint packaging, we are pleased to offer the 2012 Proof Gold Diamond Jubilee Sovereign. This edition features a more mature looking portrait of Elizabeth II created by Ian Rank-Broadly, and is partnered on the reverse with a special unique engraving for the Diamond Jubilee, of Saint George and the Dragon, by Paul Day. This 2012 Proof Gold Diamond Jubilee Sovereign is one of only 5,501 minted, and your coin will be accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity. Part of a long history, this 2012 edition weighs 7.98 grams and is a sparkling 22 carat gold. Act now to add this exclusive Sovereign to your collection.
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The Britannia Coin Company offers you a 2012 Full Gold Proof Diamond Jubilee Sovereign. A smart investment to any collection, we hope to ensure you make a confident decision.

Special Diamond Jubilee Reverse

In honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, The Royal Mint held a competition to find a special, one-time reverse for the 2012 Sovereign. The winning entry was by the British sculptor, Paul Day. Day’s chosen design, seen on the reverse of the 2012 Proof Gold Diamond Jubilee Sovereign, is another take on Pistruccis' famous Saint George and the Dragon scene usually depicted on the sovereign.

Of the design, Day has said 'I have chosen to opt for a romantic version of the St George and the dragon theme, a medieval knight of Arthurian legend rather than a classical hero. I have given the dragon a more threatening attitude and size, so that it represents a real menace and not a weak foe'.

Day also chose to fill the frame, making it very different from the obverse. Day had worked for the Royal Family before; in 2009 he worked on a winning submission of a memorial of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

History of the Gold Sovereign

The Gold Sovereign dates back over 500 years, to the reign of Henry VII in 1489. However, this is not the Sovereign we see today. In 1816, after the Napoleonic Wars, the British government enforced a huge reform of Britain’s coinage. It was by this act that the Sovereign was brought back into British currency in 1817, during the reign of George III. The first modern gold sovereign was struck in The Royal Mints’ new premises in Tower Hill with their newly acquired steam powered coin press.

An instantly recognisable coin today, the Sovereign is considered to be one of the most trusted bullion coins in existence, highly coveted and relied upon by investors around the world. With a long and interesting legacy, the 2012 Gold Proof Diamond Jubilee Sovereign makes for an excellent way to own a relic of the ages.

Struck to Impressive Proof Standard

Proof coins are the highest quality commemorative coins produced. They represent true skill and expertise, making coins like the 2012 Gold Proof Diamond Jubilee Sovereign truly exceptional examples for collectors everywhere. 

The dies that are used to strike Proof coins are hand finished to ensure perfection. The blanks are fed into the press by hand, before being struck up to six times. Working at a lower speed, and with less pressure than other finishes, this preserves the finer details of the designs. Each Proof die may only strike a few hundred coins before it has to be re-polished. This means that the Royal Mint can only strike about 50 Proof coins per hour. This is an exponentially slower rate of production than that maintained for circulating coins.

Due to the more intensive processes involved, Proof coins are usually issued in limited numbers. This is the case for the 2012 Gold Proof Diamond Jubilee Sovereign, as only 5,501 coins were struck in this year. This small number means that in particular this special coin is a highly collectible edition as it celebrates the Diamond Jubilee. In addition to the Proof Sovereign, there were only 4,559 bullion coins produced in this year.

Ian Rank-Broadley's Royal Portrait

Ian Rank-Broadley is the sculptor responsible for the 'fourth portrait' of Elizabeth II that is seen on the 2012 Proof Gold Diamond Jubilee Sovereign. This portrait featured from 1998 to 2015 exclusively. The portrait was produced after a competition for a conjoint portrait for the Queen and Prince Phillip, and Rank-Broadley’s finished design is a more genuine and less revered version of the Queen. He was inspired by Pistrucci’s portrait of George III issued in 1817, where the head fills the field of the coin. This decision was influenced by the fact that the coins were getting smaller.

The inscription on the obverse reads 'ELIZABETH II DEI ∙ GRA ∙ REGINA ∙ FID ∙ DEF∙'. Translated from Latin, this phrase means 'By The Grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith'. This acknowledges Elizabeth II's role as Supreme Governor of the Church of England. A position she has held since her coronation in 1952, a similar phrase has appeared on all of her official and commemorative currency since.

7.98 Grams of 22 Carat Gold

Every Gold Sovereign has been minted to the same specification since their reintroduction in 1817. This includes the 2012 Gold Proof Diamond Jubilee Sovereign. 

22 Carat Gold is the equivalent to a purity of 91.6% or a fineness of .917. This means that each 2012 Gold Proof Diamond Jubilee Sovereign contains an excellent 7.32 grams or 0.2354 troy ounces of pure gold.

The remaining weight in a Full Gold Sovereign is predominately copper, which gives Sovereigns their distinctive reddish tone.

Additionally, every Gold Sovereign has a diameter of 22.00 millimetres and a thickness of 1.52 millimetres. 

Collecting and Investing in Sovereigns

Nearly 10 years since this coin was minted, fewer and fewer 2012 Gold Proof Diamond Jubilee Sovereigns are coming to the market. If you are working to complete a Proof Sovereign collection then it’s important to acquire these dates when they become available.

As well as appealing to collectors of commemorative coins, Proof Sovereigns like the 2012 Diamond Jubilee issue are an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio for several reasons:

  • The 22 Carat Gold composition of Gold Sovereigns offers the intrinsic security of precious metal as a way of storing wealth
  • Their relatively low weight of 7.98 grams means that prices for Sovereigns are accessible and small portions of your collection can be liquidated much easier than gold bars
  • The numismatic value and aesthetic beauty of coins like the 2012 Gold Proof Diamond Jubilee Sovereign can give them a value above the gold price on the collector’s market
  • As they are composed of investment grade gold, 2012 Gold Proof Diamond Jubilee Sovereigns are exempt from VAT in the UK and the European Union
  • An additional tax benefit: Gold Sovereigns are technically legal tender in the UK, making them exempt from Capital Gains Tax.

Here at The Britannia Coin Company we can’t recommend the 2012 Gold Proof Diamond Jubilee Sovereign enough. Secure yours today and get free insured delivery on your order. Any questions? Call or email today and our expert staff will be pleased to assist.


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