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1989 Gold Proof Four Coin Sovereign Set Queen Elizabeth II 500th Anniversary

1989 4-coin Sovereign Set

Buy a 1989 Gold Proof Four Coin Sovereign Set Queen Elizabeth II 500th Anniversary

(VAT Exempt)
List Price: £7,500.00
Among the most sought-after of modern Sovereign sets, this 1989 four-coin set is from a limited mintage of 5,000. It was struck to mark the 500th anniversary of the first gold Sovereigns. Introduced in the reign of Henry VII, these large and prestigious Tudor coins gave their name to the modern Sovereign, introduced in 1817. This anniversary set looks back to the heritage of the Sovereign with a unique obverse and reverse design, both by Bernard Sindall. The obverse shows an enthroned portrait of Elizabeth II surrounded by ornate gothic lettering. The reverse shows the British royal arms, crowned, upon a Tudor Rose. The reverse legend is unusual in that it uses the word ‘Sovereign’ - the first time this denomination has been named on the coin itself. These celebratory designs are scaled for use across the four coins in this set: the 1989 Quintuple Sovereign, Double Sovereign, ‘full’ Sovereign and Half Sovereign. Each is struck to proof standard in 22 carat gold for a total fine gold weight of 62.23 grams. Offered in original presentation box with numbered certificate of authenticity.
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1989 four coin Sovereign set with unique designs by Bernard Sindall for the 500th anniversary of the first Tudor Sovereigns.

Five Hundred Years of Gold Sovereigns

The very first gold sovereigns were struck in 1489, during the reign of Henry VII: the first King of the Tudor dynasty. These early English sovereigns were much larger than those issued today but their prestigious legacy meant the name was reclaimed when the modern coin was introduced in 1817.

The coins in this four-piece set celebrate the long history of this prestigious coin with unique obverse and reverse designs by British artist Bernard Sindall.

Sindall was inspired by the earliest hammered sovereigns. Surviving examples feature a complex design, filled with symbols of royalty and imagery associated with the Tudor monarchs, most prominently the instantly recognisable Tudor Rose.

A One-Off Portrait of Elizabeth II

Coins from this 500th anniversary Sovereign set display a similar image of Elizabeth II, facing forward from King Edward's Coronation Chair and holding the Sovereign's Sceptre and Rod of Equity and Mercy. The 1989 Sovereign was the first time that the Queen was shown seated on her coinage. The inscription that circles the portrait in ornate gothic lettering reads: 'ELIZABETH · II · DEI · GRA · REG · FID · DEF'.

The reverse the four coins feature the shield of the British royal arms, ensigned by an open King's Crown, set upon the double Tudor Rose. The legend reads: 'ANNIVERSARY · OF · THE · GOLD · SOVEREIGN · 1489 · 1989'. This is the first and only time that the word 'sovereign' has appeared on a British coin though foreign mints sometimes used the word. Ordinarily, Royal Mint Sovereigns do not bear their denomination.

Collectible Anniversary Proof Set

The 1989 4 coin proof set includes a Quintuple Sovereign, a Double Sovereign, a 'full' Sovereign and a Half Sovereign. All are composed of 22 carat gold and finished to proof standard.

This four-coin set is from a limited mintage of 5,000 pieces.

The 500th anniversary Sovereign sets are among the most sought after of Elizabeth II proof sets, thanks to their unique designs, only ever used for these 1989 coins. This set is presented in its original leatherette case with its numbered certificate of authenticity


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