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2022 UK Brilliant Uncirculated Annual 13 Coin Set

DU22 2022 Annual 13 Coin Set Brilliant Uncirculated Platinum Jubilee Fold Out

Buy a 2022 UK Brilliant Uncirculated Annual 13 Coin Set

Limited edition annual BU set for 2022, featuring five commemorative pieces and eight definitive designs for the Platinum Jubilee year. In 2022 Her Majesty the Queen will celebrate seventy years on the throne. She acceded on 6 February 1952 and was crowned later that year. Already the longest-reigning British monarch, she’ll be the first to mark seven decades as head of state. The Royal Mint is celebrating this remarkable achievement with a range of annual coinage sets, including this brilliant uncirculated edition. BU coins are finished to a higher standard that the coins you find in your change. They’re struck twice with hand polished dies for a high level of detail. This set includes the 2022 Platinum Jubilee £5, the 2022 Vera Lynn £2, the 2022 Alexander Graham Bell £2, the 2022 Platinum Jubilee 50p and the 2022 Commonwealth Games 50p. Presented alongside this are brilliant uncirculated editions of UK 2022 coinage, from a Two Pound coin to a Penny piece. All thirteen coins are made of the same alloys as their circulating counterparts. This set is offered in an attractive fold-out wallet, with lots of information about the coins included.
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Thirteen coin annual set, struck to brilliant uncirculated standard.

The Platinum Jubilee Year

In February 2022 Her Majesty the Queen will mark her Platinum Jubilee. Already the longest-reigning British monarch she’ll be first first to celebrate seventy years on the throne. As to be expected, a range of public events are planned through the year to commemorate this record-breaking royal achievement. 

Also on the agenda: the Commonwealth Games - due to open in Birmingham in July - and some important anniversaries, including 100 years since the death of Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone.

This annual set includes commemorative coins celebrating these events and more, alongside definitive issues of circulating 2022 currency. It's the perfect way to remember what is sure to be a remarkable year.

Thirteen Coin Annual Set

This set includes five commemorative coins:

  • 2022 Platinum Jubilee 70th Anniversary £5 Crown
  • 2022 Dame Vera Lynn Memorial £2
  • 2022 Alexander Graham Bell Telephone £2
  • 2022 Platinum Jubilee 70th Anniversary 50p
  • 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games 50p

Also included, eight definitive 2022 coins:

  • 2022 Two Pound
  • 2022 One Pound
  • 2022 Fifty Pence
  • 2022 Twenty Pence
  • 2022 Ten Pence
  • 2022 Five Pence
  • 2022 Two Pence
  • 2022 One Penny

All of these pieces show Jody Clark's portrait of Queen Elizabeth II to the obverse.

Brilliant Uncirculated Coins

These 2022 coins are minted in base metal: the same copper-nickel alloy used to make the coins in your change.

The difference is in their fine finish as all of the coins in this set are struck to brilliant uncirculated (BU) standard. Intended for collectors, BU coins display a higher level of detail than standard circulating coins, thanks to being struck twice with hand-polished dies.

You'll receive your 2022 brilliant uncirculated annual set in its original presentation packaging from The Royal Mint. This is composed of a fold-out wallet which includes detailed information of the history and designs of these collectible coins.


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