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1713 Queen Anne Copper Pattern Farthing Coin

1713 Queen Anne Copper Pattern Farthing Coin Obverse

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Collectable copper pattern Farthing of Queen Anne, dated 1713. Obverse: draped bust of the Queen, facing left with legend around reading ‘ANNA · DEI · GRATIA ·’. Circle and toothed detail to rim, edge plain. Reverse shows the figure of Britannia seated on a globe facing left, a shield at her side and a spear and sprig of laurel in hand. Legend reads ‘BRITANNIA · 1713’. These copper pattern coins were produced under the supervision of Sir Isaac Newton, then Master of the Royal Mint with the engraving work attributed to John Croker, who was appointed Chief Engraver in 1705. Newton intended that these new coins should be produced entirely by the Mint (unlike earlier copper issues) with each coin containing its intrinsic value in pure copper (less the cost of production). Difficulty in assaying the metal meant these coins never entered general circulation with experiments abandoned for several years following Anne’s death in 1714. This coin weighs 5.72 grams and measures 22 millimetres in diameter. Grade: VF - Very Fine with rich chocolate tone. References: Peck 737
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Draped, left-facing portrait of Queen Anne, attributed to John Croker. Legend around reads: 'ANNA · DEI · GRATIA ·'.


Seated figure of Britannia, resting on a globe with a shield at her side, a spear in her arm and a sprig of leaves held aloft. Legend around: 'BRITANNIA · 1713'.


Copper coin weighing 5.72 grams and measuring 22 millimetres in diameter from plain edge to plain edge.


VF - Very Fine with rich chocolate tone. 


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