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1675 Charles II Copper Halfpenny

1675 Charles II Copper Halfpenny Obverse

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A collectable copper Halfpenny of King Charles II, dated 1675. The obverse features the laureate and cuirassed bust of the king, facing left. The reverse shows the figure of Britannia seated and wearing loose drapery. An ornamental shield bearing the flag of Great Britain (the predecessor to the Union Jack) rests against her side and in her left hand she holds a spear, the other, a sprig of leaves. The date appears below. Copper Halfpennies were introduced in 1673. Silver coinage was being hoarded and private tokens were circulating to fund daily purchases, a practice that was technically an offence but filled a gap while the Mint prepared to issue official base metal money. Both the new copper Halfpenny and Farthing featured the image of Britannia to the reverse. The female personification of the British Isles would appear continuously on coins until 1937. As well as showing an early image of Britannia, this Halfpenny is interesting for how it was made - it represents an early ‘milled’ or machine-made coin. While some earlier machine-made issues were made, systematic use of this technology did not occur until the reign of Charles II. Weight: 11.26 grams, diameter: 30.2 millimetres. Grade: VF/AVF - A rich chocolate brown patina with attractive obverse bust details (VF), reverse has a metal flaw to area above Britannia’s head and in front of her knee. S 3363.
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Left facing cuirassed portrait of Charles II with laurels, tied with ribbons with two long loose ends. Legend: 'CAROLVS · · CAROLO'.


Seated Britannia, loosely draped, holding spear and sprig, shield by her side. Legend: 'BRITANN NIA'.


Weight: 11.26 grams. Diameter: 30.2 millimetres.


VF/AVF - A rich chocolate brown patina with attractive obverse bust details (VF), reverse has a metal flaw to area  above Britannia’s head and in front of her knee. 


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