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Buy Graded £1000 / One Thousand Pound Proof The Great Engravers Coins

Buy sold-out, limited edition Great Engravers coins from The Royal Mint. Una and the Lion, Three Graces, Gothic Crown and Petition Crown: available now while stocks last.

Frequently Asked Questions

The value of Great Engravers coins from The Royal Mint has risen significantly since they were issued. The limited edition gold proof pieces like the 2019 2oz Una and the Lion are particularly sought after by collectors in both the UK and around the world.

The Great Engravers series is among the most popular premium coin collections offered by the UK's national mint with all pieces selling out on The Royal Mint's website within minutes. The market for these collectables remains strong globally.

The Royal Mint issued two 2022 coins inspired by the Gothic Crown: one featuring its iconic portrait of Queen Victoria, the other showing the richly detailed obverse of the original 1847 coin. Both collector's coins feature Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.

Official Royal Mint Great Engravers coins are all UK legal tender. That means that these premium collectors coins are all Capital Gains Tax exempt with the gold proof editions benefiting from a VAT exemption making them attractive to investors.

Coins in The Great Engravers collection are inspired by rare and beautiful historic British coins, remastered for a modern audience by The Royal Mint's engraving team. Struck in precious metals, these premium UK coins are sought by collectors.

The most valuable Great Engravers coins are also the largest pieces, including some of the biggest gold coins ever issued in the UK. Just one 5kg gold Una and the Lion coin was made by The Royal Mint and sold to a private collector for an undisclosed amount.

Coins from The Great Engravers collection sell out fast as soon as they are released. The Britannia Coin Company offers a select range of new Great Engravers coins while stocks last as well as pre-owned and graded pieces in pristine condition.

2020 Three Graces coins quickly sold out at The Royal Mint. The only way to get hold of these sought-after Great Engravers coins is via reputable re-sellers like The Britannia Coin Company who stock an extensive range of pre-owned premium coins.

New Great Engravers coins can be obtained from a small number of sellers who may have stock after The Royal Mint has sold out. British Numismatic Trade Association (BNTA) members like The Britannia Coin Company who offer free UK shipping.

In 2023 The Royal Mint shifted its focus from the work of William Wyon, releasing a new two-coin set inspired by the 1663 Petition Crown, the creation of engraver Thomas Simon and opening up new possibilities for the Great Engravers series.

The release of the 2023 Great Engravers Petition Crown, created by Thomas Simon, shows that The Royal Mint is looking beyond the work of William Wyon for inspiration for the popular series, opening up new possibilities for future releases.

As of 2023, The Royal Mint have released six different designs in their Great Engravers series. The list includes Una and the Lion, the Three Graces, and the Gothic Crown (a two-part issue), followed by a two-part Petition Crown set.

The Royal Mint's Great Engravers series looks to the numismatic masterpieces of the past to inspire premium modern collectables. So far, the UK's national mint has featured the work of William Wyon and Thomas Simon on Great Engravers coins.


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