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2021 Gold Standard Quarter Ounce Gold Proof Coin

2021 Gold Standard Quarter Ounce Gold Proof Boxed
(VAT Exempt)
From a limited edition presentation of just 500, this quarter ounce gold coin celebrates 200 years since the UK formally joined the gold standard - and 90 years since we abandoned it. The unique reverse design of this £25 piece symbolises the quest for economic equilibrium and is the work of Royal Mint senior designer Dominique Evans. Struck in 7.80 grams of 999.9 fine gold, this proof coin is an attractive evocation of a concept that’s vital to the history of British money. Offered in its original presentation packaging from The Royal Mint with a numbered certificate of authenticity.
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A Twenty Five Pound coin, struck in a quarter ounce of 999.9 fine gold to celebrate the anniversary of Britain formalising the gold standard.

The Story of the Gold Standard

A gold standard is a monetary system in which the value of a country's currency is directly linked to a specific amount of gold.

Great Britain accidentally adopted a de facto gold standard in 1717 when Sir Isaac Newton - then Master of the Royal Mint - fixed the value of a gold Guinea as 21 silver shillings. A formal standard was adopted in 1821, following the introduction of the gold Sovereign. Britain's global reach and new discoveries of gold saw other countries adopting a similar standard.

The UK and the rest of the British Empire fell off the gold standard with the outbreak of World War I. Winston Churchill masterminded a brief post-war revival but the standard was abandoned in 1931.

Dominique Evans' Design

The 2021 Gold Standard Quarter Ounce Gold Proof coins features a set of scales, beautifully wrought by senior designer at The Royal Mint, Dominique Evans. Designed to symbolise balance, Evans said this about her work:

'I have always been fascinated by gold's economic role as well as its allure. So, I began to look at symbols of trade, and scales quickly felt like a perfect fit. I placed the compass around them to symbolise global connectivity. The points intersect with the scales to give the overall design a sense of rigidity.'

Evans' design is complemented by Jody Clark's portrait of Elizabeth II which appears on the obverse with a legend that flags the £25 face value of this piece: 'ELIZABETH II · D · G · REG · F · D · 25 POUNDS'.

Quarter Ounce Gold Proof

This 2021 commemorative coin is struck in 7.80 grams of 999.9 fine gold. That's equal to 0.250776 troy ounces. This Gold Standard coin is slightly lighter but ultimately purer than a gold Sovereign which has the same diameter (22 millimetres).

The finish here is impeccable. The proof standard striking creates a sharp contrast between fields and motif, meaning you can appreciate the clean lines of Evans' work in all their glory. It's a fitting tribute to a fascinating chapter in economic and numismatic history.

Limited Edition of Just 500

Only 500 of these 2021 Gold Standard Quarter Ounce Gold Proof coins have been struck. A heavier 2021 Gold Standard 1 Ounce Gold Proof coin is also available, as is a two coin set, pairing the quarter ounce coin with a gold Sovereign from the year the UK left the gold standard: 1931.

This quarter ounce coin is presented in its original packaging from The Royal Mint with an informative booklet, charting the history of the gold standard. Your coin remains encapsulated and is accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity.


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