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2020 Struck On The Day Brilliant Uncirculated Gold Sovereign VE Day

VE20SOTD 2020 Elizabeth II Gold BU Sovereign VE Day Strike of the Day Boxed
(VAT Exempt)
From an edition of 750: matte-finish 2020 Sovereign marking the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day. On Tuesday 8 May 1945 national celebrations erupted following the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany, effectively ending World War Two in Europe. In the UK more than one million people celebrated in the streets with crowds in London massing in Trafalgar Square and in front of Buckingham Palace where they were addressed by Prime Minister Winston Churchill, accompanied by King George VI and the royal family, including his daughter, the future Queen Elizabeth II. While the war against Japan would not end for several months, VE Day is still celebrated as a public holiday across much of Europe. This Royal Mint Sovereign was struck while the UK remembered the momentous day, seventy-five years on. Like all Strike of the Day Sovereigns, this one has a BU finish, allowing you to enjoy the obverse portrait of Her Majesty the Queen and the classic Saint George reverse in all their glory. A tiny VE Day 75 mint mark appears below the Saint’s horse. The coin maintains the traditional specifications: it’s composed of 7.98 grams of 22 carat gold and has a diameter of 22.05 millimetres. It has a plain edge. It’s offered in its original presentation packaging from the Mint with a numbered certificate of authenticity.
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Jody Clark's fifth definitive portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, facing left with legend around that reads: 'ELIZABETH II · DEI · GRA · REGINA · FID · DEF ·'.


Benedetto Pistrucci's 1817 engraving of Saint George, mounted on a horse, slaying a dragon underfoot. Date below with VE Day 75 mint mark to one side and the artist’s initials to the other.


7.98 grams of 22 carat gold, finished to a matte brilliant uncirculated standard. Diameter: 22.05 millimetres. Plain edge.


Limited edition of just 750. Offered in original case with information booklet and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Frequently Asked Questions

'Struck on the day' coins are issued in limited numbers by the Royal Mint. These collectible coins are struck on the day of an important event or anniversary like a royal birth or a jubilee, often with a brilliant uncirculated finish. These coins can command higher prices than other Sovereigns with the same date.

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The Royal Mint strikes its 'struck on the day' coins in a brilliant uncirculated finish. This is presumably because its quicker to strike a BU coin compared to a proof one and struck on the day coins need to be produced fast. These coins are minted to commemorate important events and anniversaries.

'Struck on the day' coins are commemorative coins minted on a particular event or anniversary. For instance, The Royal Mint has issued struck on the day Sovereigns to mark royal marriages and births as well as jubilees. These coins are offered in limited numbers, often with a brilliant uncirculated finish.

'Struck on the day' coins can command higher prices than their general issue counterparts. These coins are minted on the day of an important event or anniversary in very limited numbers. Though struck on the day Sovereigns are usually issued in BU they often have a value comparable to a proof coin.


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