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2020 Innovation In Science Rosalind Franklin Fifty Pence Gold Proof Coin

UK20RFGP 2020 Rosalind Franklin 50p Gold Proof Boxed

Buy a 2020 Innovation In Science Rosalind Franklin Fifty Pence Gold Proof Coin

(VAT Exempt)
Limited edition gold proof Royal Mint 50p celebrating the pioneering research of Rosalind Franklin. Franklin was an expert in X-ray crystallography who , researching DNA at King’s College London when, together with Raymond Gosling she derived an image - known as photograph 51 - from which a three-dimensional model of DNA could be determined. In 1953 photograph 51 was shown to James Watson and Francis Crick, without Franklin’s knowledge. It proved to be the final puzzle piece for Watson and Crick in identifying the double-helix structure of DNA: work that won them a Noble Prize in 1962. Franklin was not cited as a contributor and was misrepresented in Watson’s retelling of the race to solve the DNA puzzle. It’s only in recent decades that her key role has been acknowledged. This 50 Pence is the second release in The Royal Mint’s ‘Innovation in Science’ series which celebrates the discoveries of remarkable British scientists and inventors. It features Jody Clark’s portrait of Her Majesty the Queen to the obverse, paired with a design by David Knapton, a member of The Royal Mint’s graphic design team. The reverse includes an acrostic combining Rosalind Franklin’s name with DNA and a representation of photograph 51, printed like an old fashioned newspaper picture. This coin comes in its original Royal Mint box and case with a certificate of authenticity and an information booklet enclosed. It’s one of just 250 available in this limited edition presentation and is minted in 15.50 grams of 22 carat (916.7) gold to the Mint’s finest proof standard, achieved with multiple strikes of hand prepared dies.
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Jody Clark's fifth definitive coin portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Legend reads: 'ELIZABETH II · D · G · REG · F · D · 50 PENCE · 2020'.


Photograph 51 inspired motif with 'ROSALIND FRANKLIN' vertically and 'DNA' across. 'Photograph 51' to left. Artist: David Knapton.


Proof coin. Struck in 15.50 grams of 916.7 gold. Diameter: 27.30 millimetres. Face value: 50p / Fifty Pence.


One of just 250 issued by The Royal Mint. Comes in original capsule, case and box from The Royal Mint with fold-out information booklet and numbered certificate of authenticity.


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