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1998 South Africa Natura Leopard Half Ounce Gold Proof Coin

1998 South Africa Natura Leopard Half Ounce Gold Proof Obverse

Buy a 1998 South Africa Natura Leopard Half Ounce Gold Proof Coin

(VAT Exempt)
Half ounce 24 carat gold South African Natura coin. This piece is part of a series celebrating the amazing wildlife of South Africa. Coins in this collection were also available in 1oz, 1/4oz and 1/4 oz sizes. Its obverse features the head of a growling leopard with the initials ‘ALS’ near its whiskers (artist: A L Sutherland). The words ‘South Africa’ appear above in looping text with ‘1998’ to the top right. The reverse shows a leopard in the act of dragging a prone antelope up a tree. The initials ‘AM’ are shown below for the artist: A Minnie. ‘Natura’ appears in a script that loops around the dynamic motif. The weight and composition appears in small text above: ‘1/2 OZ Au 999.9’. This coin is struck in 15.55 grams of 24 carat gold and has a diameter of 27.00 millimetres. The edge is milled and the coin boasts a flawless proof finish, carefully protected by its original capsule. It boasts a proof finish and comes from a maximum mintage of 1,500. Other sellers report that the actual issue was less than 1,000 pieces. The coin comes in its original green SA Mint presentation box with a numbered certificate of authenticity enclosed.
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Head of a fearsome leopard, growling. 'South Africa' in looping script next to date: 1998. Artist: A L Sutherland.


Leopard dragging antelope into a tree. 'Natura' above and looping around. '1/2 OZ Au 999.9'. Artist: A Minnie.


Proof coin. Struck in 15.55 grams of 24 carat gold. Diameter: 27 millimetres.


From a limited mintage of 1,500 pieces. Offered inside its original green SA Mint box with numbered certificate of authenticity.


The capsule for this coin is damaged and has no lid. The coin is as photographed and has not been damaged.

What Are South African Naturas?

The Natura collection from the South African Mint that celebrates South Africa's rich wildlife and natural history. Introduced in 1994, these coins feature designs from top SA coin artists on both obverse and reverse, featuring lions, leopards, lynx, elephants, rhinos, cheetah, buffalo and more. They're available individually and in presentation sets, both in very limited numbers

The series was the first from the SA Mint to be struck in 24-carat (99.99%) fine gold. The famous Krugerrand, by contrast, is composed of 22-carat gold. These proof coins have been offered in four different sizes: 1oz, 1/2oz. 1/4oz and 1/10oz. 999 silver Naturas were introduced in 2019.

In recent years the Natura range has expanded to take in extinct animals with a palaeontology-themed collection featuring dinosaurs and our ancient hominid ancestors, attracting a new audience of collectors to this exciting series.


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