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1844 Victoria Sovereign I Error Wide Date

1844 Victoria Sovereign I Error Wide Date Obverse

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Gold type IB shield Sovereign of Queen Victoria with an interesting error. The first modern Sovereigns were minted in 1817 during the reign of George III as part of a major overhaul of British money following the Napoleonic wars. Annual issues would be made uninterrupted for nearly another century through the reigns of George IV, William IV and through the reign of Victoria. This 1844 Sovereign was struck in London just a few years after the latter came to the throne. The coin features the small young head portrait to the obverse. The left facing effigy was the work of Royal Mint Chief Engraver William Wyon and would be used on Victorias money long after the youthful depiction had become inaccurate. Wyon’s initials appear to the truncation of the Queen’s neck. The date, displayed below the portrait, displays a wide-spaced ’44' in this case (Marsh 27). The reverse features the first type crowned shield reverse. The quartered shield shows the royal arms and is surrounded by a laurel wreath with tiny national flowers below. The reverse legend of this Sovereign shows an error in ‘BRITANNIARUM’ where the second ‘I’ is missing one of its top serifs. 7.98 grams, diameter 22.05 millimetres. Grade: AF - The usual minor nicks and scratches for circulated gold - about Fine. Marsh 27, Spink 3852.
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Lef-facing small young head portait of Victoria by William Wyon, date below - 1844 - wide variation. Legend reads: 'VICTORIA DEI GRATIA'.


Shield of royal arms with crown on top within wreath of laurels, national flower emblems beneath and no die number. Legend: 'BRITANNIARUM REGINA FID: DEF:'. Missing serif on second 'I' in 'BRITANNIARUM'.


AF - The usual minor nicks and scratches for circulated gold - about Fine.


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