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1786 King George III Gold Guinea Coin

1786 George III Guinea Obverse

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Buy a 1786 King George III Gold Guinea Coin

Ex mount George III gold Guinea, dated 1786. The obverse of this coin shows the fourth type laureate head of the king with long curling hair, the tips of the laurels he wears as a crown touching the edges of the coin. This effigy is attributed to the British medallist Richard Yeo - then Chief Engraver to the Royal Mint. Guineas issued the following year would show a new portrait, the fifth of six different types that would appear on George III’s Guineas across his long reign (1760-1820). The reverse shows an ornate shield of arms, quartered and representing England, Scotland, Ireland, France and Hanover. The shield is surmounted by a crown which divides the date. Again, this design would be replaced on Guineas minted the following year. They bore a ‘spade’ shaped shield to the reverse. The border is toothed. George’s was the last reign during which gold Guineas would be struck - they were last minted in 1813, replaced soon after with the Sovereign. Weight: 8.24 grams. Diameter: 24.8 millimetres. Grade: Reasonable condition ex-mount coin, a good addition to a date collection. Spink 3728.
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Fourth type laureat bust of George III by Richard Yeo. Legend around: 'GEORGIVS · III DEI · GRATIA ·'.


Ornate shield of royal arms with crown above, dividing date: 1786. Legend: M B F ET H REX · F · D · B · ET · L · D · S · R · I · AT · ET E'.


Reasonable condition ex-mount coin, a good addition to a date collection.


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