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One Ounce Gold Mixed-Date United States Of America Buffalo Bullion Coins (Best Value)

Gold One Ounce American Buffalos Bullion Coins United States (Best Value)

Buy a One Ounce Gold Mixed-Date United States Of America Buffalo Bullion Coins (Best Value)

(VAT Exempt)
Best value gold one ounce Buffalo coins available now at low margins over the spot gold price. Introduced by the United States Mint in 2006, these VAT-free American gold coins are a modern adaptation of the famous designs seen on the 1913-38 Indian Head Nickel, crafted by American sculptor James Earle Fraser. The Buffalo’s excellent relief and realistic sculpting gives the coin a thoroughly deserved reputation for high quality, making it popular with investors and collectors alike. These sought-after $50 coins show a generic Native American man on the obverse, facing to the right and covering the surface of the coin. The date is shown on his shoulder and the word ‘LIBERTY’ is in front. The reverse gives these coins their name and shows an American bison, commonly called a buffalo, standing in profile with ‘UNITED · STATES · OF · AMERICA’ above. The denomination and composition of the coin appear below: ‘$50 1OZ. .9999 FINE GOLD’. Each coin has been carefully authenticated by our expert team and you’ll receive our choice of year from our current stock. Some coins may have very slight blemishes, which is completely normal for bullion coins and won’t affect their resale value. Specifications are a diameter of 32.70 millimetres and a weight of 31.11 grams, with a fine gold content of exactly one troy ounce. Offered with free insured UK delivery.
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Mixed year VAT exempt American Buffalo one ounce gold coins at our best price, chosen at random from our current stock.


Adapted for the Buffalo, the obverse shows the profile of a generic Native American man with traditional hairstyle and feathers. The legend reads 'LIBERTY' and the date appears on the neck of the portrait with an 'F' for Fraser below.


The reverse gives these coins their name and shows an American bison, reportedly modelled on a beast called Black Diamond, held in a New York zoo. The denomination of $50 / Fifty Dollars, weight and purity appear on the ground below the buffalo with 'UNITED·STATES·OF·AMERICA' across his back.


The coins have a milled edge. Due to the excellent relief, the edge thickness can vary, which we regard as a positive feature of the coin.


Pre-owned, supplied loose in bullion condition. May have slight edge knocks or scratches, which is perfectly normal for bullion coins and won't detract from their precious metal value.

Our Best Value Mixed-Date Gold Buffaloes

Gold Buffalo are a great means of diversifying your portfolio. Buffalo bullion coins qualify as investment gold under current HMRC rules, which means they are exempt from VAT in the United Kingdom. However, you could be liable for capital gains tax on any profits realised when selling them as they are not legal tender pound sterling coins. 

We have incredibly strict standards for our best value bullion coins. Each piece is meticulously checked by our experts to ensure that the weight and composition is exactly as advertised. 

Pre-owned one ounce American Buffalos may show some bag marks, small scratches, knicks or blemishes. This is typical of bullion coins and will not affect its resale value. 

You'll receive our choice of year when you opt for our best value range, picked from our available stock. But if you're looking for a particular year then please do contact us: we might have what you're after, and if not we may be able to source your item for you.

Buying Gold United States Buffalo Coins

The Gold Buffalo is the first 999.9 fine gold coin offered by the United States Mint and is available in a range of size and finishes, with the one ounce bullion coin being the best seller. First offered to the public in 2006, these bullion coins have a higher purity than the 22 carat (916.7 fine) American Eagles, so are comparable to Canadian Gold Maples or post-2012 British Gold Britannias. A limited number of Buffalos are struck each year with a small number of proof pieces also produced. Half ounce, quarter ounce and tenth ounce sizes are available but the one ounce variety remains the most popular, offering 31.108 grams of 24 carat gold.

Commenting on the first strikes of the first gold Buffalo coins in 2006 at the West Point Branch Mint, the then Deputy Director of the US Mint David Lebryk remarked: 

'This American Buffalo Gold Coin will appeal to both investors who choose to hold gold and to others who simply love gold. These classic and beautiful American Indian and buffalo designs by James Earle Fraser, which have been American favourites since they were first used in 1913, recall a golden age of coin artistry'

The potential reasons why the US Mint decided to issue a range of 24 carat gold coins would be to tap into a market trend which prioritises 'pure' gold coins and for export reasons. Certain countries (eg. Australia) only exempt investment gold coins which are of a certain fineness from taxes/duties, so the issue of 0.999+ fine gold coins gets around that problem.

American Engraver James Earle Fraser

The distinctive design of the gold Buffalo originally appeared on the Indian Head Nickel, issued between 1913 and 1938. It's the work of the famous American sculptor James Earle Fraser, best known for his public monuments in Washington DC.

Fitting a trend with many other commemorative and collectable US coins, the gold Buffalo repurposes Fraser's iconic design, much in the same way that the modern US gold Eagle bullion coins adapted Augustus Saint Gauden's 'Lady Liberty' design seen on 1907-33 Double Eagles. Fraser was previously an assistant to Saint Gaudens before setting up his own studio in 1902. Aside from his work on the Indian Head Nickel and public monuments, Fraser is also well-known for his design of the US World War One Victory Medal.

Investing In United States Mint Gold Coins

The US Mint is responsible for striking the coinage of the US Dollar on behalf of the US Treasury. Although the US declared independence from the British Empire in 1776, it would be another 16 years before the revolutionary government established its own mint and currency. Under the Coinage Act 1792, a mint was established in Philadelphia and a series of gold, silver and base metal coins were authorised to be struck. Famous examples, aside from Double Eagles, are the silver Morgan Dollars and gold $10 Eagles.

Branch mints were opened in areas where gold and silver deposits were discovered in order to process metals into coinage more efficiently. A total of nine mint facilities have been operated by the US Mint in its history, with eight based in the continental United States and one based overseas in Manila, the Philippines. Today, four of these mints are operating: Philadelphia (1792), West Point (1988), San Francisco (1854) and Denver (1906). The closed mints with the years of operation are Charlotte (1838-61), Dahlonega (1838-61), New Orleans (1838-1909), Carson City (1870-93) and Manila (1920-41).

Following the lead of the South African Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint, in 1986 the US Mint began issuing troy ounce bullion coins for investment. The famous St Gaudens 'Lady Liberty' design was repurposed and placed on the obverse of the gold bullion coins, which were confusingly referred to as Eagles. These coins, issued every year since 1986, are completely separate from the circulating Eagles minted prior to 1933. As well as manufacturing bullion and circulating coins, a wide range of collectable and proof coins are also produced by the US Mint, with their products renowned for their high quality, original design and collectability.

What Gold Buffalo Mint Marks Are There?

All American gold Buffalos are produced at the West Point Mint based just outside New York, which is a branch of the United States Mint. Uncirculated bullion versions of the gold Buffalo do not carry a mintmark, but the proof editions bear a 'W' mintmark behind the Native American's neck on the obverse.

The West Point Mint originally opened as the West Point Bullion Depository in 1937, and didn't officially become a branch of the US Mint until 1988. Its primary focus was the storage of silver, gaining the nickname 'The Fort Knox of Silver', but it also stored a substantial amount of gold. The facility did occasionally strike circulating coinage such as Lincoln Cents (1974-86) and Washington Quarters (1977-79), despite not being an official branch of the US Mint. Nowadays, the mint mainly produces non-circulating coins and acts as a storage facility for approximately ⅕ of the United States' gold reserves.

Buy United States Gold Buffalos In The UK

​​Gold Buffalos can be a great investment! There's a very liquid market in them worldwide which makes them an attractive investment option. Here's a few reasons why you should consider adding them to your portfolio:

  • Beauty - The gold Buffalo is renowned for being a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing coin.
  • Cost - The gold Buffalo is priced at a competitive margin over the live gold price.
  • VAT free - Buffalos are investment gold, meaning they're exempt from VAT.
  • Authenticity - The gold Buffalo is legal currency in the United States, with a face value of $50 / Fifty Dollars.
  • Physical asset - A gold Buffalo coin is a physical, tangible asset. You can touch it, hold it and store it wherever you like.
  • Liquid asset - There's a strong buyer market for gold Buffalos. You can sell them practically anywhere in the world, often on the high street or by post. 

Sell American Gold Buffalo Coins

The attractive appearance of Gold Buffalo coins mean they have a strong resale market. We offer to buy these collectable gold coins at some of the best rates in the country. If you'd like to find out how you can sell your 1 ounce Buffalos then head over to our Sell Your Coins page. Alternatively, you can get in contact with us here or you can even pop into our showroom in Royal Wootton Basset during working hours - no appointment necessary.


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