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2010 Britannia Four Coin Silver Proof Set

2010 Britannia Four Coin Silver Proof Set Boxed

Buy a 2010 Britannia Four Coin Silver Proof Set

From a limited edition of 3,497, these 2010 silver proof Britannia sets feature 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz and 1/10oz coins from The Royal Mint. Over the years, various different interpretations of the legendary warrior goddess have appeared on these UK coins, created by some of the UK's top artists. The one-year-only design that appears on these 2010 proof coins is the work of designer Susie Zamit and shows a head-and-shoulders bust of Britannia, facing eastwards. She wears a Corinthian helmet, pushed back on her head and topped with a fearsome lion. Garbed in classical robes, her hair flows freely in a light breeze. The design combines Britannia's warlike spirit with a serene gaze and olive leaves - important symbols of peace - displayed below. The obverse features Ian Rank-Broadley's fourth definitive coin portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. This image of Her Majesty was used on UK coinage dated 1985 to 1997. The four coins in this set are struck to standard specifications in 958 (95.8%) fine silver with an attractive proof finish. This production technique produces coins with mirrored surfaces and highly-detailed frosted devices, allowing you to enjoy the designs as the artists intended. The finish is protected by individual capsules. You'll receive your pre-owned 2010 silver proof Britannia set in the original presentation case from the UK's national mint with a certificate of authenticity enclosed.
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 Limited edition 958 silver proof 2010 Britannia sets from The Royal Mint in the original packaging with a certificate of authenticity.

Coins in Silver Proof 2010 Britannia Set

  • 2010 Britannia 1oz Silver Proof
  • 2010 Britannia 1/2oz Silver Proof
  • 2010 Britannia 1/4oz Silver Proof
  • 2010 Britannia 1/10oz Silver Proof

Specification For Four-Coin Silver Britannia Sets

Four proof-finish 958 silver Britannia coins, struck to standard specifications used before 2013. The total weight of the coins in this set is 60.02 grams. Actual pure silver weight of these coins: 57.50 grams.

How Many 2010 Silver Britannia Sets Were Issued?

These pre-owned 2010 proof Britannia sets are from a limited issue of 3,497 offered by The Royal Mint in this presentation. The four silver coins remain sealed in their original capsules inside the box of issue, together with a certificate of authenticity.

2010 Britannia Reverse Design By Susie Zamit

2010 Britannias feature a one-year-only design by portrait sculptor, Suzie Zamit, featuring a bust inside a central circle. Speaking about her design, Zamit said:

'Britannia is a really important British icon and I wanted to create a design that represents her as a symbol of British liberties and democracy. I felt it was important to portray Britannia as strong - almost Amazonian - and courageous, but not overly warlike, more peaceful and protective'

Her 2010 Britannia shows the goddess facing right, wearing an elaborate Corinthian helmet, decorated with a roaring lion. Her hair and classical robes flow in a gentle coastal breeze. Olive leaves around the date at the base of the coin are a nod to Britannia's role as a peaceful defender of our shores.

The legend, displayed in the outer ring of the design reads 'BRITANNIA' with the date below and the weight and composition to the right.


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