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2004 Elizabeth II Gillick Portrait 13 Coin Set

2004 Elizabeth II Gillick Portrait 13 Coin Set Boxed
Thirteen coin set from The Royal Mint celebrating Mary Gillick’s coinage portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The sculptor Mary Gillick was the artist behind the first definitive portrait of Her Majesty the Queen to be used on her coinage. You can see this on UK money issued from her coronation year (1953) through to 1968 when it was replaced with a new effigy by Arnold Machin as well as on all the Queen’s Maundy money. Gillick’s portrait shows Elizabeth II wearing a laurel wreath and facing right and was selected from a field of seventeen in 1952. It was the last portrait of a monarch used on pre-decimal coinage. This set contains two gold coins: a 1957 Sovereign from the first year these coins were widely issued with the Gillick portrait and a Sovereign from the final year: 1968. Alongside the Sovereigns are the two commemorative Crowns struck with Gillick’s portrait: the 1960 New York Exhibition Crown and the 1965 Churchill Crown. These are contained in individual capsules. Inside a double sided clear plastic case you will find a set of UK coins representing the last time that each was issued with the first portrait: 1967 for most with the exception of the Farthing (last issued in 1956) and the English and Scottish Shillings (1966). 1,500 of these commemorative sets were assembled by The Royal Mint in 2004 using high-grade circulated coinage. They are offered in their original Mint-issue red leather case with a numbered certificate of authenticity included.
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Coins in Set

  • 1956 Elizabeth II Farthing Bronze
  • 1967 Elizabeth II Halfpenny Bronze
  • 1967 Elizabeth II Penny Bronze
  • 1967 Elizabeth II Threepence Nickel-brass
  • 1967 Elizabeth II Sixpence Cupronickel
  • 1966 Elizabeth II English Shilling Cupronickel
  • 1966 Elizabeth II Scottish Shilling Cupronickel
  • 1967 Elizabeth II Florin Cupronickel
  • 1967 Elizabeth II Halfcrown Cupronickel
  • 1960 Elizabeth II New York Exhibition Crown Cupronickel
  • 1965 Elizabeth II Churchill Crown Cupronickel
  • 1957 Elizabeth II Gold Sovereign
  • 1968 Elizabeth II Gold Sovereign


Thirteen £SD coins in gold, nickel brass, cupronickel, brass and bronze, struck to standard specifications.


Nine coins (dated with last year of issue with Gillick head) in double sided clear case. Crowns and Sovereigns in individual capsules. One of 1,500 sets assembled by The Royal Mint. Comes in red leather case with information booklet which acts as a certificate of authenticity.


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