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1983 UK Proof Annual 8 Coin Set

D83 1983 UK Annual Set Proof Reverses

Buy a 1983 UK Proof Annual 8 Coin Set

From the final instalment of the original Star Wars trilogy to the launch of the compact disc in the UK, 1983 saw changes in pop culture and society. Celebrate and remember your own memories of the year with The Royal Mint eight coin annual set. In British coinage, this year also marked the introduction of the One Pound Coin, making this the first annual set to include this well-known denomination. The first £1 displayed a reverse design by Chief Royal Mint engraver, Eric Sewell, and depicts the Royal with an English lion and Scottish unicorn flanking it. Also included alongside this new coin are a 50p (with Britannia design), a 20p, a 10p, a 5p (in its original larger format), a 2p, a 1p (with portcullis design) and a Halfpenny. All seven in this set feature the Arnold Machin portrait of Her Majesty the Queen on the obverse, the second official effigy of her to be used on British coinage. Each coin in this set is struck in cupronickel (the same as contemporary circulating coinage) but to a superior proof standard giving a finer finish achieved with multiple strikes of hand finished dies. This set comes in a protective plastic sleeve which allows you to view both sides of each coin without incurring damage. This is enclosed within an attractive blue card envelope with silver lettering, original to the set. You might note some toning to the coins which is typical for these sets several decades after they were issued.
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  • 1983 Elizabeth II Halfpenny Proof


Eight proof coins. All struck in the alloy, mass, and diameter typical of that year.


Offered in original clear plastic case and coloured card outer envelope. Coins can be viewed from every side through the plastic case.


The images provided of this product are stock photos. The coin you receive will be from the same issue and will have the same specifications. Some modern UK coins naturally develop toning or milk spots over time and these features may be present on the coin you receive. We cannot exchange coins displaying toning or milkspots.


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