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1812 George III Eighteenpence Bank Token

1812 George III Eighteenpence Bank Token Obverse

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A very collectable silver Bank of England issue Eighteenpence token of king George the Third dated 1812. The obverse features the laureate draped bust of George III facing right. The reverse shows the value (one shilling and sixpence) and the date within a wreath of laurel and oak leaves, interspaced with acorns. These intriguing coins were struck in the latter years of the Napoleonic Wars as the conflict led to financial instability in Britain and the mass hoarding of gold and silver coins. The Royal Mint could not keep up with demand for replacement currency and - as a temporary measure - began issuing tokens. First, in the form of countermarked Spanish coinage and later as these fascinating Bank Tokens which circulated as legal tender coinage. Spink 3771.
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Draped and laureate bust of George III, facing right. Legend: 'GEORGIUS III DEI GRATIA REX'.


Oak and laurel wreath with acorns. Within: 'BANK TOKEN 1S 6D 1812'.


A UNC - A very light tone, colour golden tone obverse with less to reverse, no real problems for about Uncirculated.


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