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Buy Modern United Kingdom 2022 Memorial Sovereigns Coins

Special 2022 memorial Sovereign range from The Royal Mint, the first to feature a portrait of King Charles III, paired with a one-off royal arms reverse by Jody Clark: a tribute to the life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II. Shipping January 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

The UK's Royal Mint struck two distinct Sovereign designs in 2022, one with a portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth II, the other with a portrait of the new King, Charles III. Both feature a special reverse design and are made of 22-carat gold.

17,500 2022 Memorial proof 'full' Sovereigns have been issued by The Royal Mint and these coins are now sold out on their website. The Britannia Coin Company have a limited stock of these sought-after gold coins, available to buy today with free UK shipping.

Charles III Sovereigns are available with free UK shipping from The Britannia Coin Company. We have a limited stock of 2022 Charles III bullion Sovereigns, proof coins and collectors sets online now.

2022 Memorial Sovereigns are the first of these prestigious gold coins to feature a portrait of King Charles III and collectors are snapping them up. Proof editions are now sold out but you can find a limited stock on The Britannia Coin Company website.

There are two types of 2022-dated Sovereigns, ones with The Queen on them and ones featuring King Charles III. The mintage numbers for these 22-carat gold coins have not yet been released by The Royal Mint.


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