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1988 UK Brilliant Uncirculated Annual 7 Coin Set

1988 BU Coin Set
Annually, The Royal Mint releases an uncirculated coin collection commemorating the coins of that year. This coin set celebrates 1988, a year that saw the first This Morning programme hosted by Richard & Judy broadcast on HTV (now ITV), former Health Secretary Edwina Currie had egg on her face following a Salmonella scandal, and Sir Cliff Richard brought almost everyone together for a Christmas of Mistletoe and Wine. Meanwhile, Royal Mint engraver Derek Gorringe designed a new £1 coin with a shield representing the four corners of the UK in The Royal Arms. The Royal Mint presents the 3rd Portrait of Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II, by sculptor Raphael Maklouf, FRSA on the 7-piece coin set's obverse. This Royal Mint collection marks an extraordinary year for coinage and current affairs. These Uncirculated coins are struck at a higher standard than circulating or bullions coins, although not as high value as Proof coins, making them ideal for a starter investment. As these coin sets mark a specific year in history, they are often also purchased to honour a special occasion or milestone such as a marriage, wedding anniversary or birthday.
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This Nickel-Brass, Cupro-Nickel and Bronze Uncirculated coin set, was released to commemorate the coins of 1988 from The Royal Mint. This 1988 collection is of particular significance due to the introduction of the New One-Pound Coin depicting The Royal Arms, a shield reflective of the four corners of the UK and bearing the inscription, Decus Et Tutamen (An ornament and a safeguard) in a design by Royal Mint engraver Derek Gorringe.The one-pound coin would eventually replace the popularity of the pound note over several decades. This 7-piece annual set, celebrates 1988 and hosts the new 3rd Portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II by Raphael Maklouf, FRSA. 

The year 1988 

1988 witnessed; Scott and Charlene's Neighbours wedding, The Licensing Act (1988) allowing pubs to apply to stay open all day, Edwina Currie got into hot water with the Egg industry over false Salmonella claims, and Sir Cliff Richard closed the year with a new but controversial Christmas classic, Mistletoe and Wine. This Royal Mint 1988 collection marks an extraordinary year for coinage and current affairs, and now you can purchase a piece of this historical year. 

BU Coins

Struck at a higher standard than circulating or bullions coins and handled carefully to avoid any damage, Brilliant Uncirculated coins, although not as high value as Proof coins, are ideal for an entry-level collector or to mark an important milestone. This 1988 annual set features all 7 coins, which were in circulation during the course of a very special year. 


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