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1984 UK Brilliant Uncirculated Annual 8 Coin Set

1984 Uncirculated Set

Buy a 1984 UK Brilliant Uncirculated Annual 8 Coin Set

Annually, The Royal Mint releases an uncirculated coin collection commemorating the coins of that year. This coin set celebrates 1984, a year that did not succumb to Orwellian predictions but instead saw skating partners Torvill and Dean win gold at the Winter Olympics.
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This Nickel-Brass, Cupro-Nickel and Bronze Uncirculated coin set, was released to commemorate the coins of 1984 from The Royal Mint. The 1984 collection is of particular significance due to the introduction of the Scottish £1 coin depicting the 'Thistle' emblem with the edge inscription, Nemo Me Impune Lacessit ('No-one provokes me with impunity'). This design is the second release after 1983’s original pound with future designs planned for England, Northern Ireland and Wales. The pound coin would eventually replace the popularity of the pound note over several decades. The 8-piece annual set celebrating 1984 hosts the 2nd Portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II by Arnold Machin RA, and a modified version of his portrait has appeared on stamps since 1967. 

The year 1984

1984 saw inventions including the Ford Escort and Apple Mac computer, iconic films Gremlins and Ghostbusters, the UK miners' strike, the discontinuation of the halfpenny, and skating duo Torvill and Dean securing gold at the Winter Olympics. It was also the year in which Prince Charles and Princess Diana's second child, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex was born.  This Royal Mint 1984 collection marks an extraordinary year for the Royal Family, coinage and current affairs, and now you can purchase a piece of this historical year.


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