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1873 Victoria Gothic Florin

1873 Queen Victoria Silver ‘Gothic’ Florin slabbed

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Buy a 1873 Victoria Gothic Florin

A very collectable silver “Gothic’ Florin of Queen Victoria dated 1873 with the die number of 83 shown just below the bust on the obverse side, with the year in roman numerals as mdcccclxxiii with no stop after the date. The obverse features the bust type B3, with the crowned young head of the queen facing left, and the reverse shows the crowned cruciform shields with the floriated cross at the centre, the national flower emblems represented in the angles. This coin slabbed and graded by NGC corporation as MS 63, equivalent to UK as Uncirculated. This florin commonly known as the ‘Gothic’ type, is due to the gothic style script writing to both sides of the coin. These florins have many varieties with the added collectability of die numbers making a very numismatically interesting series to collect.
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Bust B3. ww, with die number, no stop after date.Young head with large crown facing left of Queen Victoria within a circle of 48 arcs and 48 trefoils legend in gothic script, engraver William Wyon. VICTORIA D:G:BRITT: REG:F:D: MDCCCLXXIII


Crowned cruciform shields of arms around centre floriated cross, with national flower emblems in the quarters, engraver William Wyon.  ONE FLORIN ONE TENTH OF A POUND




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