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1847 Queen Victoria Gothic Crown Unidecimo About Uncirculated

1847 Queen Victoria Gothic Crown Unidecimo About Uncirculated Obverse

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A highly collectable and sought after Queen Victoria silver Crown, dated 1847 with the edge inscribed with the regnal year: ‘Undecimo’. Known as the Gothic Crown due to a variety of medieval revival details, the design is the work of Royal Mint Chief Engraver William Wyon. The obverse shows a left facing portrait of Victoria, wearing a richly embroidered dress and an elaborate crown, her hair in a looping plait. The blackletter-style legends complements the ornate details of the bust. The reverse - engraved by Wyon but designed by William Dyce - shows crowned cruciform shields of arms around a central garter star with national flower emblems in the angles representing England, Scotland and Ireland. A highly graded example of a very popular issue. Spink 3883.
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A near Uncirculated Gothic Crown with an attractive rainbow tone and 'unidecimo' to the edge.

A Medieval Revival Masterpiece

Among the most beautiful coins ever minted, Gothic Crowns are scarce and stunning. They feature a remarkable crowned portrait of Queen Victoria, garbed in the trappings of an art movement that was all the rage in the 1840s. Known as Medieval Revival or Victorian Gothic, its proponents - including Royal Mint Chief Engraver, William Wyon - looked to Britains past for inspiration.

The reverse of the 1847 Crown also evokes the Middle Ages. It bears a highly-detailed design composed of four crowned shields and a bloom of national flower emblems, encircled by a blackletter-style legend, redolent of medieval manuscripts. Wyon carved the dies for the reverse but the design is the work of Scottish artist, William Dyce.

It's a captivating piece, entirely distinct in style from UK coinage issued before and after.

Rare and Highly Sought After

It's not just the beauty of the Gothic Crown that has made it famous among collectors.

Only around 8,000 were ever struck and a range of variations contributed to immediate interest from collectors. Extant examples appear in silver and gold, most commonly with raised gothic lettering to the edge with the regnal year 'unidecimo' though rare plain and 'septimo' edge 1847 Crowns are also known.

Today, fans can enjoy remastered versions of this iconic design, issued as part of The Royal Mint’s Great Engravers collection in gold as well as the original silver. You can find out more about these new Gothic Crowns on our blog which also dives deeper into the history of the 1847 Gothic Crown.

An About Uncirculated Example

This piece shows a very attractive rainbow tone and reflective backgrounds, most apparent around the legends. The faintest of hairlines appears under strong magnification. Grade: Uncirculated or nearly so.


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