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1818 George III Silver Crown LV111

1818 George III Silver Crown LV111 obverse

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A collectable silver Crown of king George the Third dated 1818 with the regnal year in roman numerals in raised lettering to the edge of ‘LVII’. The obverse features the large laureate bust of the king facing right with the date and engravers name below. The reverse shows the famous St George on horse back slaying a dragon underfoot, all within a garters buckle with the translation meaning ‘Shame who thinks evil of it’, again the engravers name of Benedetto Pistrucci responsible for the excellent design of both sides of this coin. These George III silver Crowns with relatively low mintages, in high grades are becoming scarce and in our opinion under valued at present.
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Large Laureate bust of George III facing right,'PISTRUCCI' below for the engraver Benedetto Pistrucci, and the date below. GEORGIUS III D:G: BRITANNIARUM REXF:D:


St George on horseback with sword in hand slaying dragon, in exergue'PISTRUCCI' underneath for the engraver Benedetto Pistrucci. All HONI.SOIT.QUI.MAL.Y.PENSE.W




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