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1817 King George III Silver Shilling Coin RRITT And IIONI Legend Errors

1817 George III Shilling RRITT and IIONI Errors Obverse

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Collectible 1817 George III silver Shilling with two errors. Obverse: Benedetto Pistrucci’s laureate head of the king, facing right with the date - 1817 - below. Legend should read GEOR:III D:G: BRITT:REX F:D:’ but the ‘B’ in ‘BRITT’ appears as an ‘R’ due to a die error. crowned shield of royal arms with arms of Hanover inestucheon over England, Scotland and Ireland within garter motif. ‘HONI SOIT Q | MAL Y PENSE’ on garter. ‘H’ in ‘HONI’ appears as ‘II’, unbarred - another die issue. Milled edge. This silver coin weighs 5.56 grams and has a diameter of 23.7 millimetres. Grade: AEF - Light tone with the usual hairlines under magnification for around Extremely Fine. Spink 3790.
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Laureate head of George III, facing right. Artist: Benedetto Pistrucci. Legend reads 'GEOR: III D:G: BRITT: REX F:D:' with date below. 'B' in 'BRITT' reads as 'R' - die error.


Crowned shield of royal arms within garter. Garter reads: 'HONI SOIT Q | MAL Y PENSE'. 'H' in 'HONI' is unbarred, reads as 'II'.


AEF - Light tone with the usual hairlines under magnification for around Extremely Fine.


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