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1804o George III Bank of England Dollar

1804o George III Bank of England Dollar

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A very collectable silver Bank of England emergency issue Dollar dated 1804, the obverse features the laureate bust of king George the Third facing left with the reverse showing Britannia seated holding spear and branch with a beehive in front of her knee. These emergency issue dollars designed by Conrad Heinrich Kucher were issued to replace the Countermarked types still using the original Spanish coins in stock, but with the new pressure created by Mathew Boulton’s press to re-strike, occasionally shadows of the original Spanish coin can be seen. These B.O.E. Dollars have numerous variations this coin has the top head leaf to the centre of ‘E’, only one stop after ‘REX’ and the engravers initials as :C.H.K to the obverse, the reverse has a very small inverted incuse ’K’ under the shield to the left.
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Draped and laureate bust of king George III facing right, very small ‘:C.H.K’ on the neck for engraver Conrad Heinrich Kuchler. GEORGIUS III DEI GRATIA REX.


Britannia seated left, holding a branch and spear and a beehive in front, arm resting on shield containing union jack, all within castle toped oval garter DOLLAR FIVE SHILLINGS. BANK OF ENGLAND


Plain edge


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