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1793 King George III Countermarked Silver Mexico City Dollar Coin

1793 George III Silver Dollar Countermark Mexico Obverse

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Buy a 1793 King George III Countermarked Silver Mexico City Dollar Coin

A very collectable silver emergency issue of king George the Third Dollar countermark struck on a 1793 Mexico City mint eight reales. The oval countermark, the head of George III punched on to the Spanish kings neck generally creates a flat response on the reverse side. These fascinating dollars were incredibly issued by the Bank of England at a time when silver, and currency was in short supply, and the bank decided to utilise there stock of many Spanish 8 reales held in there vaults, these coins were circulated only for a few years before the new currency issue was released making them extremely collectable and fascinating piece of English numismatics.
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Draped bust of Spanish King Charles IV, facing right, oval countermark for King George III on the neck. Legend: 'CAROLUS · IIII · DEI · GRATIA · 1793'.


Crowned Mexican shield of arms with pillars and ribbons at the sides. Legend: '· HISPAN · ET · IND · REX · Mo · 8R · F · M ·'.


GVF - Light grey tone with rainbow colour reflection especially through the letterings couple obverse surface extra metal blobs, otherwise a stunning coin in the hand at good Very Fine grade 


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