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1788 King George III Copper Gilt Pattern Soho Mint Halfpenny Coin Droz Britannia

1788 George III Copper Gilt Pattern Soho Halfpenny Droz Obverse

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Buy a 1788 King George III Copper Gilt Pattern Soho Mint Halfpenny Coin Droz Britannia

Rare re-strike Soho pattern George III Halfpenny in copper gilt with original obverse and reverse designs by the Swiss-born engraver, Jean-Pierre Droz. The obverse shows a laureate portrait of George III, facing right. His wreath, tied at his nape, is composed of ten leaves and is studded with berries. The initials ‘D. F.’ appear on the truncation of George’s neck with curls below. This stands for ‘Droz Fecit’ - ‘Made by Droz’. The reverse features the figure of Britannia, seated on a globe, one arm propped on a Union Jack shield, holding a laurel wreath, while the other clutches a spear. It’s a highly detailed engraving, the edge of the woman’s robes showing tiny leaf detail while flowers appear at her feet around a ‘D’, identifying the artist. In exergue: a ships rudder crosses a palm branch. The legend around reads ‘BRITANNIA . 1788.’. Both this and the obverse legend feature diamond-shaped stops. Raised lettering to the edge reads ‘RENDER TO CESAR THE THINGS WHICH ARE CESARS’. The original pattern piece was struck at Matthew Boulton’s Soho Mint, founded at his Soho Manufactory in this year near Birmingham. Following the Mint’s closure, a number of Soho dies were sold to William Joseph Taylor - a London coin dealer - in 1850. From these he produced re-strikes for collectors including of this Droz-designed pattern piece though this example is a Soho original.
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Undraped laureate head of George III, facing right, with wreath of 10 leaves and two berries, tied at nape with ribbon. Small raised letters 'D.F.' on truncation of neck with curls below. Legend around: 'GEORGIUS III. D. G. REX.'. Diamond shaped stops.


Very detailed Britannia, seated left on a globe wearing long robe. One arm rests on an oval-shaped Union Jack shield, holding a laurel wreath, the other holds a spear aloft. Leaves and flowers on ground and on hem of dress. 'D' beneath shield. Rudder and palm frond in exergue. Legend: 'BRITANNIA · 1788.'. First stop diamond shaped, second quatrefoil.




BU - Faint hairlines in fields. Otherwise brilliant and virtually as struck. A rare and fantastic looking coin.


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