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1707 Anne Silver Halfcrown Edinburgh Sexto

1707 Anne Silver Halfcrown Edinburgh Sexto Obverse

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Buy a 1707 Anne Silver Halfcrown Edinburgh Sexto

A collectable silver Halfcrown of Queen Anne, dated 1707, struck in Edinburgh in the post-Union period. The obverse features the second draped bust of the Queen, facing left. An ‘E’ appears below her shoulder, indicating that this coin was struck in Scotland. The reverse shows crowned shields of arms representing Scotland and England combined in two quarters with the arms of France and Ireland in the others. The harp, representing Ireland, shows the six strings variant. The angles between the shields are plain. The combined Scottish and English arms to the reverse were introduced when the Treaty of Union came into effect in May 1707, uniting the legislatures of the two nations. Though the states had been ruled by the same monarch since 1603, they had retained separate parliaments which were united in the Parliament of Great Britain. This coin has the regnal year ‘SEXTO’ in raised lettering to the edge. Spink 3605.
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Second draped bust of Queen Anne, facing left, ‘E’ below for Edinburgh. Legend: 'ANNA · DEI · GRATIA ·'.


Crowned cruciform shields of arms with plain angles, garter star in the centre, date above and legend around: 'MAG BRI · FR ET · HIB REG · 1707'. Six string variant to Irish harp.


Raised lettering: DECVS * ET * TVTAMEN **** ANNO ** REGNI ** SEXTO ****'.


F/GF - A light tone with contrasting darker backgrounds, one edge bruise by last 'A' of 'GRATIA', otherwise Fine/good Fine.


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