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1689-1694 Mary II Undated Moon Pattern Farthing

1689-1694 Mary II Undated Moon Pattern Farthing Reverse

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A rare and collectable silver pattern Farthing or medalet of Mary II, undated. The obverse features the undraped bust of Queen Mary facing right with the reverse showing a moon with a face in clouds above the sea. The legend around reads ‘EX NOCTE DIEM’, which translates as ‘The day from the night’. Mary’s father, James II’s Catholicism caused divisions that led to his deposition in the Glorious Revolution of 1688. Mary’s ascension with her husband, William III, marked a return to Anglicanism, which is, presumably, the ‘light’ in this context. A fascinating piece of numismatic history with an unusual design. Comes with an old Farthing Specialist envelope.
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Bust, undraped, of Queen Mary II, facing right. Legend around reads: 'MARIA · II · DEI · GRA ·'.


Moon with face in clouds over the sea, legend above 'EX NOCTE DIEM'.


Edge plain with toothed border.


EF - A dark tone with some colour and lots of 'eye appeal' Extremely Fine.


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