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1679 Silver Rider Hollandia Shipwreck Ducaton

1679 Silver Rider Hollandia Shipwreck Ducaton Obverse

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Buy a 1679 Silver Rider Hollandia Shipwreck Ducaton

A very collectable Silver Ducatoon, salvaged from from the wreck of the Hollandia 1743. The Hollandia was a Dutch East India Company trading ship. During her maiden voyage from Texel in the Netherlands to Batavia (Indonesia) she struck Gunner Rock near Annet in the Scilly Isles and sunk on the night of 13 July 1743. All 276 crewmen died in the wreck. The wreck of the Hollandia was located in the early 1970s by a London attorney named Rex Cowan. Since then around 35,000 silver coins have been recovered from the remains of the ship which are still scattered across the sea bed. This Ducatoon (also called Ducatons or Ducatones) was minted in West Friesland, the Netherlands, in 1669 though the dated reverse has been worn by the tides. Ducatoons produced in the Dutch states after 1659 are known as ‘Silver Riders' for the distinctive mounted knight motif. A truly fascinating piece.
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Knight in armour on horseback riding right, above crowned shield. Legend, hard to read, around: 'MO NO : ARG : CON FOE : BELG : WESTF ??'.


Crowned shield of arms with a standing crowned lion either side, legend around 'CONCORDIA · RES · PARVAE · CRESCVNT ·'.




Clear details with surface pitting common with silver coins submerged in seawater for over 250 years. Although the coin comes with no paperwork, our assessment of the  weight, size and appearance guarantee it to be authentic.


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