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1658 Oliver Cromwell Milled Halfcrown

1558 Oliver Cromwell Halfcrown Obverse

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Buy a 1658 Oliver Cromwell Milled Halfcrown

Fantastic Halfcrown of Oliver Cromwell, minted in the last year of his life and rule. Coinage with portraits of Cromwell are very rare so there is a suggestion that many extant examples were pattern coins, not intended for circulation. It certainly does not seem like this one has seen the inside of a pocket, perhaps it was kept as a souvenir of the interregnum. Samuel Pepys reports that they were selling for 25 or 30 Shillings in 1663. The obverse features a remarkable left facing portrait of the Lord Protector wearing laurels, designed by Thomas Simon, draped like the rest of the silver issues of this period. It is believed that this effigy was modelled from life. The fabric about Cromwell’s shoulders shows an delicate dotted or frosted texture. The reverse shows Cromwell’s arms with English and Scottish crosses, an Irish harp and a lion rampant in the centre, surmounted by the imperial crown of England. The date appears above, divided by the crown with the legend around reading ‘PAX QUAERITUR BELLO’ - ‘peace is sought by war’. The edge, in Latin, slightly threatening, translates to ‘Let no one remove these from me on pain of death’. This beautiful piece is a tribute to the incredible skill of Thomas Simon and the advances wrought by Peter Blondeau, the French engineer responsible for implementing modern machinery and techniques to London’s Tower mint in this period. This example weighs 14.98 grams and measures 34.2 millimetres in diameter. Grade: EF - Light grey with attractive patination and some mint lustre remaining in legends. No issues for Extremely Fine. S 3227A.
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Laureate and draped bust of Oliver Cromwell, facing left. Legend around reads: 'OLIVAR · D · G · RP · ANG · SCO · ET · HIB &c PRO'.


Cromwell's arms: English and Scottish crosses with Irish harp and lion rampant in estucheon. Crown above and date at top: 1658. Around: ‘PAX · QUAERITUR · BELLO’.


Weight: 14.98 grams. Diameter: 34.2 millimetres.


EF - Light grey with attractive patination and some mint lustre remaining in legends. No issues for Extremely Fine.


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