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1989 Welsh Gold Sovereign Medallion

1989 Welsh Gold Sovereign Medallion Obverse

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Just 3,000 of these fascinating medallions were offered by The Royal Mint in 1989. They’re unique in being made from soldi Welsh gold for the Gwynfynydd mine in Gwynedd, Wales. This mine is the largest in North Wales and was worked between 1884 and 1998, producing a significant amount of Welsh gold which is prized for its scarcity. It’s a material closely associated with the British royal family making it appropriate for use in this special Sovereign-sized medal. The piece features the winged welsh dragon or y Ddraig Goch to one side, the heraldic symbol that stars on the national flag of Wales. The words ‘welsh gold’ and ‘aur cymru’ appear to either side with the date below and the weight (1/4 ounce) above. The other side features several symbol associated with Wales including a harp and a daffodil. The legend around translates to ‘limited edition’. This gold coin weighs 7.98 grams like an ordinary Sovereign and has the same diameter (22.05 millimetres). The difference is that it is not legal tender and its composed of 18 carat gold rather than the usual 22 carat gold. This scarce piece is offered in its original case of issued from The Royal Mint with a gold dragon etched on the exterior. The coin is sealed inside a capsule to preserve its finish. An interesting and highly collectible piece.
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Winged Welsh dragon with weight above, date below and the words 'WELSH GOLD' and 'AUR CYMRU' around.


Harp and daffodil with words 'ARGRAFFIAD CYFYNGEDIG' around.


18 carat gold medallion. Weight: 7.98 grams. Diameter: 22.05 millimetres.


One of 3,000 issued. Offered in original box with gold dragon on outside. Coin sealed in capsule within. No certificates.


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