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1897 Victoria Diamond Jubilee Large Gold Medal In Box

1897 Victoria Diamond Jubilee Large Gold Medal Boxed

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Large gold medal commemorating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. This was celebrated in 1887, sixty years after she came to the throne. Obverse: Veiled Head or Widowed Head portrait of Queen Victoria, facing left by Thomas Brock. This bust shows the elderly Victoria in her final decade, her veil covering most of her diadem. She wears earrings, a heavy necklace and a Garter Star, slightly cropped by the truncation which cuts off at her shoulder. The artists initials - ’T.B.’ appear on the edge. Brock’s portrait was used on circulating British coinage from 1893 until the Queen’s death in 1901 as was also seen on medals. The legend around reads: ‘VICTORIA ANNVM REGNI SEXAGESIMVM FELICITER CLAVDIT XX IVN · MDCCCXCVII ·’. Reverse: adapted young head portrait of Victoria, originally by William Wyon. This portrait shows the Queen around the time of her accession, her hair bound back with two fillets, a plait above her ear. In this version a olive branch has been added at the bottom of the portrait, tied with a ribbon which loops behind the date: 1837. This was the year that Victoria came to the throne. She would be crowned the following year. Around the bust are the words 'LONGITVDO DIERVM IN DEXTERA EIVS / ET IN SINISTRA GLORIA’. This comes from Proverbs 3:16: ‘The length of days is in her right hand; wealth and honour in her left’. Comes in red leather Royal Mint box of issue. Diameter: 56.00 millimetres. Weight: 94.5 grams. Grade: GVF - Good Very Fine. See photos. Some 19,498 of these medals were issued by the Royal Mint in 1897 though its hard to find them in their original cases in such good condition. BHM 3506, Eimer 1817a.
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Veiled head portrait of Queen Victoria by Thomas Brock. Facing left, veil over diadem with Garter Star at chest. Artists initials on truncation. Legend: 'VICTORIA ANNVM REGNI SEXAGESIMVM FELICITER CLAVDIT XX IVN · MDCCCXCVII ·'.


Adapted Young Head portrait by William Wyon with olive spit below and date: 1837. Text around, divided by effigy reads: 'LONGITVDO DIERVM IN DEXTERA EIVS / ET IN SINISTRA GLORIA'.


GVF - Good Very Fine. See photos. Comes in original box.


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