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1789 King George III Recovery From Illness Copper Soho Mint Medal

1789 George III Recovery Copper Medal Reverse

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Buy a 1789 King George III Recovery From Illness Copper Soho Mint Medal

Copper medal, minted in 1789 to to celebrate George III’s recovery from serious illness in the previous year. His persistent ill health, perhaps caused by porphyria, would eventually lead to the regency of his son, later George IV. This medal is an early product of Matthew Boulton’s steam-driven Soho Mint, near Birmingham, founded in 1788. The obverse bears a laureate bust of George III, with the initials ‘D.F.’ below, attributing the piece to Jean-Pierre Droz, a Swiss engraver. Droz, then working at the Soho Mint, reportedly modelled the portrait after paintings by Benjamin West and Thomas Gainsborough. The reverse shows an altar in which a sacrificial fire burns. A snake climbs the altar and below are a snake, olive branch and globe. An inscription rejoices in the restoration of the King's health.
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Laureate bust of George III, facing right, by Jean-Pierre Droz (initials below). Legend reads 'GEORGIVS III · D · G · MAG · BR · FR · ET · HIB · REX ·'.


Flaming altar with snake, olive branch and globe at feet. Below that, inscription reads 'SAL. REG. REST 1789'. Legend around reads 'FELICITAS PUBLICA ·'.


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