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1757 Frederick II the Great Battle of Prague Bronze Medal

1757 Frederick II the Great Battle of Prague Bronze Medal Obverse

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Buy a 1757 Frederick II the Great Battle of Prague Bronze Medal

Large bronze gilt medal, struck to mark the Prussian victory in the Battle of Prague, fought on 6 May 1757 outside the city in the modern day Czech Republic. The obverse features a right-facing, half-length portrait of Frederick the Great in armour, wearing a wreath of oak leaves, his hair tied back and falling over his shoulder. The legend reads ‘FRIDERICVS MAGN. D. G. REX BORVSS. EL. BRAND. DVX SILES ET’. Translated, this identifies Frederick as King of Prussia, Elector of Brandenburg and Duke of Silesia (etc.). The reverse is a bit on the nose. It Shows the winged figure of Victory, lightning bolts extending from her right hand and captured weaponry, armour and cannon at her feet. In her left hand she holds a shield bearing the words ‘VICTORIA FRIDERICI MAGN’ - Victory of Frederick the Great’. She’s in the act of kicking the crown off the kneeling figure of the Holy Roman Empress, Maria Theresa, Frederick’s most significant rival. The legend above the scene translates as ‘fame, wisdom and courage’. Though he did cause her forces to retreat at the Battle of Prague, Frederick, leading his own armies, was not able to attack the city itself. The Prussian victory came in the early phase of the Third Silesian War, the last of three Silesian Wars between Frederick’s Prussia and Maria Theresa’s Austria, and broadly part of the Seven Years War. The costly Third War would ultimately end with a treaty confirming Prussian control of Silesia but certainly not removing any of the Empresses many crowns. Nether-the-less, the conflict, including victories like that at Prague greatly enhanced the prestige of Prussia and its King making this a fascinating collectors piece for those interested in military history. This superb bronze medal weighs 38.54 grams and has a diameter of 48.4 millimetres. It shows minimal signs of wear though we noted a surplus blob of metal over the ‘V’ in ‘VIRTVTE’ to the reverse. Offered in non-original medal box.
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Right-facing portrait of Frederick the Great, curiassed, with wreath of leaves and long hair, curling. Legend around reads: 'FRIDERICVS MAGN. D. G. REX BORVSS. EL. BRAND. DVX SILES ET'.


Winged Victory standing on captured cannon, armour and weapons, lightning bolts emiting from right hand, shield in left bearign the words 'VICTORIA FRIDERICI MAGN'. Words 'ALBISIL' and 'MOLDA' beneath her feet. In the act of kicking crown off head of female figure identified as Empress Maria Theresa, shown kneeling. Legend above: 'FAMA PRUDENTIA VIRTVTE', below: 'AVSTIR · EXERC · PROPE · PRAG · TVNDIT CAESO ET PRAGA OBSESSA VI MA JI MDCCLVII'. 


See photos. Minimal marks, surplus blob of metal over the ‘V’ in ‘VIRTVTE’ to the reverse.


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