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978-1016 Æthelred II Penny Leofing on London

978-1016 Aethelred II Hammered Silver Penny London Leofing Obverse

Buy a 978-1016 Æthelred II Penny Leofing on London

Hammered silver Penny of Aethelred II, also known as ‘the Unready’ who was King of the English from the year 978 to 1013, returning to the throne in 1014 and ruing until his death two years later. The obverse of this coin shows an excellent uncrowned bust, the figure facing right, draped and seen in profile, extending to the edge of the coin. No inner circle separates the effigy from the legend which declares Æthelred ‘king of England’. The reverse features a voided long cross with a central pellet, extending to the beaded edge of the coin and terminating in a crescent design. The legend, divided by the long cross indicates that this coin was struck by the moneyer Leofring at the mint of London. Spink 1151, North 774.
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Uncrowned bust, draped, facing left, extending to outer edge. No inner circle, legend around: '+ AEDELRE’D REX ANGLO'.


Voided long cross with center oekket, limbs terminating in crescents which extend to the outer edge. No inner circle. Legend: '+LYF INC M’OL VND'.


EF - A bright coin with a full flan slightly crimped with ‘peck’ marks in two reverse quarters (from Viking-era silver quality testing): Extremely Fine.


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