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978-1016 Æthelred II Penny Eadsige on London

978-1016 Æthelred II Hammered Silver Penny Eadsige on London Obverse

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A collectable hammered silver penny of king Æthelred the Second. He’s known as Æthelred the Unready which is an Old English pun from ‘unræd’ which means ‘badly advised’ in contrast to his name which means ‘well advised’. He ruled as king of the English from 978 to 1013 and then again, briefly, from 1014 to 1016 though his dominions were greatly reduced by Danish expansion. This is an example of what is known as the ‘CRUX’ type due to the lettering in the angles of the reverse voided short cross. The legend around tells us that this penny was struck at the mint of London by the moneyer Eadsige at some point in Æthelred II’s troubled reign. The obverse shows a left-facing draped bust of the king, a sceptre terminating in front of his face. A Very Fine example, good flan and strike. Spink 1148, North 770.
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Crux type. Bare head stylised bust of the king, facing left with sceptre, enlosed within a circle. Legend around: '+ AEDELRED REX ANGLOX'.


Voided short cross with the letters C R U X in the angles, within a circle. Legend around: '+ EDSIGE M-O LVN'.


VF - Good flan and strike, bright with some reverse iron deposit, slightly creased, otherwise Very Fine.


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