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1645 Charles I Hammered Silver Crown Type IV Eye Mintmark

1645 Charles I Crown Type IV MM Eye Obverse

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List Price: £1,750.00
Charles I Crown with eye mint mark, struck in 1645, struck at the Tower mint while it was under parliamentary control. London had taken the side of Parliament in 1642 and thus the mint at Tower Hill fell out of royal control though its remaining moneyers continued - for some time at least - to mint money in the king's name. This silver Crown is one such example and features a portrait of Charles, crowned and mounted on a horse riding left. Group IV, type 4, fourth horseman. He holds a sword aloft. The design is enclosed within a beaded circle and an eye mint mark appears above. The reverse features an oval, garnished, quartered shield of royal arms within a beaded circle. The legend reads 'CHRISTO AVSPICE REGNO' which translates to 'I rule under the auspices of Christ'. Charles might have understood his authority to originate from divine right but many of his subject disagreed. By 1645 - when this coin was minted - royalist forces held strong only in Wales, Devon and Cornwall. In the summer the battles of Naseby and Langport would result in the effective destruction of Charles armies. Weight: 29.5 grams. Diameter: 42.9 millimetres. Grade: GF - A good solid coin with clear details, reverse slightly better: Fine or slightly better. Spink 2761.
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Fourth horseman, riding left, group IV, type 4 with foreshortened horse. Legend - preceeded by eye mint mark - reads: '· CARLOVS · D .’ G .’ MAG .’ BRI .’ FRA .’ ET HIB .’ REX ·'.


Garnished round shield of royal arms with legend around: '.:. CHRISTO · AVSPICE · REGNO .:.'. Mint mark: eye.


GF - A good solid coin with clear details, reverse slightly better: Fine or slightly better. 


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