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1641-3 Charles I Hammered Silver Halfcrown MM Triangle in Circle

1641-3 Charles I Hammered Silver Halfcrown

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A collectable hammered silver Halfcrown of King Charles the First with the mint mark of Triangle in a circle indicating struck between the years 1641-3 at the London tower mint under the King. The obverse features the fourth horseman type with the king riding a horse with a sword in the hand, the reverse shows the ornate garnished shield of royal arms. This coin was struck as the Parliament went to war with Ireland and the start of some major turmoil in British history.
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Group IV. Fourth horseman type, king riding right holding sword. CARLOVS.D G MAG BRI FR ET HIB REX mint mark Triangle in a circle.


Crowned ornate garnished oval shield of royal arms. Mint mark Triangle in a circle. CHRISTO AUSPICE REGNO.

Charles I

King Charles I was born 1600 to Anne of Denmark and James VI of Scotland, who also became King James I of England three years after Charles’s birth. He was incredibly unpopular and is remembered for his disputes with Parliament. He dissolved Parliament three times in total and ruled without it for 11 years, a time known as the Personal Rule. England became divided, with some supporting Parliament and some supporting the king, and civil war broke out. In the end, it was decided that peace wouldn’t be achieved whilst Charles was alive so he was tried and executed for treason. After the king’s death, Oliver Cromwell was named Lord Protector and ruled the country as a republic for 11 years. 


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