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1603-1625 Ireland James I Shilling MM Martlet

1604-1605 Ireland James I Shilling MM Martlet Obverse

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Irish Shilling of James I, from his second coinage (1604 to 1607). The obverse features the third bust, facing right within a beaded circle with crown and longer square shaped beard. A clear martlet mint mark appears above. This narrows down the date to 1604 or 1605. The reverse shows a crowned harp within another beaded circle and another martlet mint mark. James became king of England and Ireland in 1603. The accession of a Scottish monarch caused a general amnesty in the rebellion of the 1590s against James predecessor, Elizabeth I. Shortly after he came to the throne he replaced the wartime base currency in use in Ireland with a restored fine silver coinage in two issues between 1603 and 1607. These coins bore Irish imagery and were distinct from contemporary English money. James aimed for unity throughout his kingdoms and to this end English-type coins were largely used from 1607 onwards. This Irish Shilling weighs 4.30 grams and has a diameter of 28.6 millimetres. Grade: F - Full flan, slightly crimped with clear legends, bust and harp a little weak - Fine. Spink 6515.
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Right facing crowned portrait - third bust with longer squared-off beard. Legend reads: '· IACOBVS : D '. G '. MAG '. BRIT '. FRA '. ET · HIB '. REX ·'. Mint mark: martlet.


Crowned Irish harp within beaded circle, legend around reads: 'HENRICVS · ROSAS · REGNA · IACOBVS'. Mint mark: martlet.


F - Full flan, slightly crimped with clear legends, bust and harp a little weak - Fine.


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