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1560-1561 Elizabeth I Hammered Silver Groat MM Cross Crosslet

1560-61 Elizabeth I Hammered Silver Groat MM Cross Crosslet Obverse

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A collectable hammered silver Groat of Queen Elizabeth the First with the CC or ‘Cross Crosslet’ mint mark, indicating that this coin was struck in the year 1560 or 1561 at the Tower Mint in London. The obverse features the crowned bust of the queen facing left, of the second issue coinage, bust three. The reverse shows the long cross fourchée through shield of arms. Minted in the third year of the Virgin Queen’s reign, this Groat is nonetheless among the final Groats issued in Elizabeth I’s reign as these four pence silver coins were seldom issued for circulation for the next one hundred years. Elizabeth’s coinage is very popular with collectors due to the great variety of denominations, issues and mint marks over certain dates. This VF coin would make an excellent addition to such a collection. Comes with an old envelope: bought at Seabys in June 1964.
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Second issue, third crowned and robed bust of Queen Elizabeth I facing right, without rose or date. Legend: 'ELIZABETH : D G AN . FR. ET · HI : REGINA'. Mint mark: Cross Crosslet (CC) above crown.


Long cross fourchée over square topped shield of royal arms. Legend, cut by cross: 'POSVI DEV ADIVTOREM : MEV :'. Mint mark: Cross Crosslet (CC), before 'POSVI'.


A dark grey even tone on a full flan with strong bust and legend details, no real issues for about Very Fine. Comes with old envelope: bought at Seabys in June 1964.


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