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1554-1558 King Philip II And Queen Mary I Hammered Silver Groat Coin

1554-1558 Philip and Mary Hammered Silver Groat Obverse

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Hammered silver Groat of Mary I and Philip, issued between 1554 and 1558. The daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, Mary came to the throne in 1553 as England’s first undisputed Queen regnant after the premature death of her younger brother, Edward VI. In 1554 she married Philip of Spain and from then until her death her coinage was struck in both their names, though smaller silver coins show just her portrait. This Groat displays the older bust of Mary, facing left, crowned with hair loose. The legend makes reference to both her and her husband. The reverse shows a shield of royal arms, quartered by a long cross fourchée. The mint mark is not visible. Like the coinage of her father and brother, Mary’s coinage was debased. Plans were drafted for currency reform but these were not implemented before her death in 1558. She was succeeded by her younger sister, Elizabeth I. Historic crease and minor edge clip with appealing profile. Spink 2508.
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Older bust of Queen Mary I, facing left wearing jewels and crown, hair loose. Legend around: 'PHILIP . ET . MARIA · D : G REX · ET · REG'.


Flat topped shield of royal arms, quartered by a long cross fourchée. Legend: 'POSVIMVS · DEVM · ADIVTO · NOS'.


GF - Historic crease and one minor edge clip but lots of good clear details and legends for Fine and better in places.


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