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1504-5 Henry VII Hammered Gold Angel MM Cross Crosslet. Rare class 5


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Buy a 1504-5 Henry VII Hammered Gold Angel MM Cross Crosslet. Rare class 5

A very unusual and numismatically interesting gold hammered Angel of King Henry the Seventh with a clear mint mark of Cross Crosslet, on both sides indicating being struck at the London tower mint either in 1504 or 1505. The obverse features the infamous St Micheal slaying a dragon, with the reverse showing ship sailing right with a mast with 'h' to the left and a Tudor rose to the right. This coin somewhat a bit of a puzzle with the legend not being fully represented in 'Spink' or 'Schneider'. A excellent opportunity to purchase and possibly research further a class that appears to be late class IV possibly falling into early class V.
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Late class IV falls early class V. St Micheal slaying dragon with a spear within beaded circle and latin legend around. Mm 'Cross crosslet' HENRIC'xx DI'xx GRA'xx REXxx AGL'x Zxx F'x 


Ship at sea sailing right with square topped shield of royal arms on mast, h to left and rose to right. Mm 'Cross crosslet'with left bar plain. PERxx CRUCE’xx TVA’xx SALVAxx NOSxx XPE’x RED'


Though one of the least remembered Tudor kings, it was, in fact, King Henry VII that founded the Tudor dynasty. After defeating King Richard III, Henry took to the throne in 1485 and began a 24-year reign that would steer England back to a much-needed state of peace and stability. Henry's claim to the throne was quite thin, however. His reign is characterised by his smart, thought-out political moves to secure the Tudor dynasty, including his marriage to Elizabeth of York. After the death of his first son, it was his second son, the infamous Henry VIII, that took to the throne after the king's death in 1509. 


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