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1356 Edward III Hammered Silver Groat MM Crown

1356 Edward III Hammered Silver Groat MM Crown Obverse

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A collectable hammered silver Groat of king Edward the Third. From the pre-treaty period (1351 to 1361) of Edward III’s fourth coinage issue (1351 to 1377). The pre-treaty coinage was minted before the Treaty of Bretigny (1360) when Edward renounced his claim to the French throne. This Groat of class F, has a clear Crown mint mark on both sides of the coin indicating that it was struck at the Tower mint in London in the year 1356. The obverse features the forward-facing crowned bust of the king within a double treasure of nine arches. The reverse shows the standard long cross with three pellets in each quarter. On this coin, ‘London’ is spelt with an ‘M’ (‘LOMDON’). The ‘N’s are usually unbarred and look like two ‘I’s. A pleasing addition to any collection. Spink 1569.
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4th Coinage. Pre-treaty period. Class F. Crowned bust of Edward III facing forward within a double treasure of nine arches with lis on cusps and breast. Legend: 'EDWARD D G REX ANGL Z FRANC D HYB'. Mint mark: Crown.


Long cross dividing legend which is in two concentric circles, three pellets in each quarter of the centre circle, 'CIVITAS LOMDON' in next. Outer legend: 'POSVI DEVM ADVTORVEM MEV'. Mint mark: Crown.


GF - A light tone on a full flan with good legend and details all round for Fine or slightly better.


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