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1066-1087 William I Paxs Penny Lincoln?

1066-1087 William I Paxs Penny Lincoln? Obverse

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Buy a 1066-1087 William I Paxs Penny Lincoln?

Paxs type Penny struck at Lincoln in the name of William I: commonly known as ‘the Conqueror’ or, sometimes, ‘the Bastard’. He was the first Norman king of England from the time of his defeat of the Anglo-Saxon forces of Harold Godwinson at Hastings in 1066 to his death in the year 1087. The obverse of this silver coin shows a facing, diademed portrait holding a sceptre and contained within a linear circle. The legend here is tough to read but identifies William as monarch. The reverse features a cross pattée with annulets in the angles within another circle. Those annulets contain the letters P A X S, interpreted as a form of the Latin word ‘pax’ (‘peace’). The moneyer and mint here are unclear: possibly Lifpold on Linc. The purchaser may be able to clarify further for themselves. After his victory, William took over an extensive network of more than seventy Anglo-Saxon mints and maintained monetary continuity in other ways too. The reigns of his predecessors - Edward the Confessor and Harold II - saw coins minted with similar lettering. The ‘PACX’ type coinage of Edward is the most similar, also showing the letters within the angles of a voided cross. This coin weighs 1.38 grams and measures 19.9 millimetres across. Grade: GF - Dark patina and full flan with some minor flat areas and scrapes, otherwise good Fine. Spink 1257.
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Facing diademed portrait holding sceptre within linear circle.


Cross pattée within circle with annulets in the angles. Letters P A X S within annulets. Legend: possibly Lifpold on Linc.


GF - Dark patina and full flan with some minor flat areas and scrapes, otherwise good Fine. 


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