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317-289 BC Syracuse Agathocles 25/50 Litrai Ch AU

317-289 BC Agathocles Electrum Gold 50 Litrai NGC Ch AU Slabbed

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Buy a 317-289 BC Syracuse Agathocles 25/50 Litrai Ch AU

A rare electrum gold 50 Litrai from Scilly of Agathocles, struck circa 305 BC. The obverse features the laureate head of Apollo, facing left with a small cornucopia to his nape. The reverse shows a tripod supporting a basin. Around in Greek: ‘ΣYPAK OΣIΩN'. Agathocles styled himself king of Sicily, after invading in 317 BC with an army of mercenaries, taking control of the ancient capital Syracuse before turning his attention to neighbouring territories. Machiavelli praises Agathocles' ruthless ambition, rising from nothing to rule Syracuse and later the better part of Sicily. The massacres and betrayals and loose him points but you have to count such beautiful coinage in his favour when making a historical assessment.
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Laureate head of Apollo, facing left with small cornucopia behind his neck.


Tripod with a basin above, 'ΣYPAKOΣIΩN' around.


Electrum gold Twenty-Five or Fifty Litrai coin weighing 3.66 grams. 


This coin has been graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's NGC Ancients branch as Ch AU (NGC Cert # 6030946-002).

The Strike has been graded as 5/5 while the Surface is 4/5.


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