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1900 Victoria Florin MS 61

1900 Victoria Florin MS 61 Holder

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Buy a 1900 Victoria Florin MS 61

Silver Florin of Queen Victoria, dated 1900 and graded by NGC. The obverse of this coin shows the ‘Old Head’ portrait of the Queen who wears a coronet covered by a long draping veil, a symbol of her long mourning. This effigy is the work of the English sculptor and medallist, Sir Thomas Brock and was used on UK currency from 1893 until Victoria’s death in 1901. The legend around reads ‘VICTORIA · DEI · GRA · BRITT · REGINA · FID · DEF · IND · IMP ·’. The reverse shows three shields, representing constituent nations of the United Kingdom: England, Scotland and Ireland. The shields sit atop crossed sceptres and a stylised garter with a crown atop and national flower emblems in the angles. It’s a detailed engraving, attributed to Edward Poynter. The date appears below (1900) and the the legend around proclaims the value: ‘ONE FLORIN’ or ‘TWO SHILLINGS’. With a value of 1/10th of a Pound, Florins were introduced in 1849 as a first step towards a decimalised currency, something ultimately not achieved in Britain for more than a century. This 1900 Florin from late in Victoria’s reign is composed of 11.31 grams of .925 sterling silver and has a diameter of 28.50 millimetres. Edge: milled. Grade: independently graded MS 61 by NGC and offered sealed in its acrylic holder (6029966-006). References: S 3939, D 1900.
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Thomas Brock's Veiled Head portrait of Queen Victoria, facing left. Legend: 'VICTORIA · DEI · GRA · BRITT · REGINA · FID · DEF · IND · IMP ·'.


Engraver: Edward Poynter. Three shields over sceptres and garter with crown above. 'ONE FLORIN' and 'TWO SHILLINGS' around with date below: 1900.


.925 sterling silver coin, struck for circulation in 11.31 grams with a diameter of 28.50 millimetres.


NGC graded MS 61 (NGC Cert No.: 6029966-006). Comes sealed in holder.


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