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South African Republic Paul Kruger One Pond Gold Coin (Best Value)

South Africa Gold 1 Pond Obverse
(VAT Exempt)
South African Gold Ponds have the same specification as British Sovereigns, making them an attractive investment choice. Minted in 22-carat gold in the South African Republic in the 1890s, these intriguing coins are VAT exempt. Our Best Value, bullion grade Gold Ponds are sold in circulated condition, carefully selected by us from our available stock.
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Our Best Value 1 Pond coins are a great investment. Minted in 22-carat gold and VAT exempt, these intriguing South African coins have a fascinating history, making them an unusual addition to you portfolio.

Burgers Pond

Pond’s originated in the South African Republic, an independent state that existed in what is now South Africa, from 1852 to 1902. The Republic issued its first native currency in 1874 in the form of the Burgers Pond, named for its fourth President, Thomas François Burger. Wildly unpopular and minimally circulated, these first Ponds were quickly withdrawn.

Kruger’s Pond

It wasn’t until 1892 that the South African Pond was revived by the ZAR’s fifth president Paul Kruger, taking advantage of the enormous influx of precious metals flooding into the Republic in the wake of the Witwatersrand Gold Rush. Kruger’s Ponds were produced at a new national mint in Pretoria through the 1890s; a decade in which South Africa became a world leader in gold production and the Republic’s economy boomed.

Guilders, Marks and Sovereigns

There was great debate in Kruger’s government about what their new gold coin would look like. Dutch and German representatives sought to imitate the Dutch Guilder and German Mark. However, the decision was eventually taken to emulate British currency; then the sole legal tender in the nearby Cape Colony. 

Ponds Versus Sovereigns

Kruger’s Pond was crafted to the exact same specification as the most influential British coin of its age: the Sovereign. Both the Pond and the Sovereign share a 22-carat gold composition, as well as a diameter of 22 millimetres and a weight of 7.98 grams. Because of this, the South Africa Gold Pond shares many of the advantages of Full Gold Sovereigns.

Kruger’s Pond Design

The obverse of Kruger Pond’s features a portrait of a bearded Paul Kruger, encircled by the legend ‘ZUID AFRIKAANSCHE REPUBLIEK’: the Dutch name for the South African Republic, commonly abbreviated to ‘ZAR’. The portrait is the work of Otto Schultz, a Berlin medallist, and also features on the modern Krugerrand.

The reverse of these gold coins bears the Transvaal coat of arms, the official heraldic symbol of the South African Republic, also referred to as the Transvaal Republic. Scrolls below the arms show the Republic’s motto ‘EENDRACHT MAAKT MAGT’ (translation: ‘Unity Makes Strength’), while the denomination and year of issue appear above the central device.

Second Anglo-Boer War

Minting of Kruger’s Ponds came to an end in 1900 as the Second Anglo-Boer War escalated. In the summer, Kruger’s government fled their capital, gold in tow, as British forces advanced and the mint in Pretoria ceased operation. It would be more than 60 years before another native South African gold coin was minted: the Krugerrand.

Best Value Ponds

We will carefully select your South African Gold Ponds from our available stock. Unfortunately, we cannot supply specific years as part of our Best Value offers. If you order multiple South African Gold Ponds from this range you may receive a range of dates between 1892 and 1900.

Although our Best Value South Africa Gold Ponds have little numismatic value, we are careful to ensure you receive a high-quality product. We inspect all our Best Value coins to ensure that they are in good to fair circulated condition. We can guarantee that your Ponds will not be ex-jewellery mount coins.

Invest in South African Ponds

South African Ponds are minted in 22-carat gold and are legally considered investment gold in the UK. That means that they are exempt from VAT for non-VAT registered private individuals in the UK and EU. This is a great perk associated with gold bullion purchases making them an attractive investment option.

The Pond is not British legal tender so are not exempt from Capital Gains Tax in UK in the way that Sovereigns are. That does not detract from the appeal of these attractive and fascinating coins.

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